October 20th – December 16th|Red Fish





This year down south in the Louisiana marsh, Captain Marty has seen peaks and valleys for a fishing experience. This has been due to the uncharacteristic weather having peaks and valleys of its own. The weather has been going from nice warm 80 degree days to having cold spells come from out of no where. One in particular brought snow to the area for the first time in thirteen years. The resident Red fish loathe this weather and would rather hide in the mud like an alligator or turtle for the winter then be cruising the flats sun bathing and munching flies. After the snow passed it took two whole days to see any Red fish movement at all with all the larger fish (25 pounds and up) still M.I.A. or sunbathing to warm up from their cold experience. We also have to thank this weather as the fish then have a few days where they focus on trying to keep warm and starve themselves like pretty actors on the red carpet. Once that red carpet night is over they have been gorging themselves like food eating contestant champions. This has allowed Marty to have some serious big hungry fishing days.

Enjoy the familiar faces fishing with Marty. Happy Holidays!

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