August 26th – September 1st | Madison River Fishing Report

So… it’s September… and it is still going on with the hoppers! I have never seen it like this in my whole short life. Hoppers everywhere. Holy hoppers. Hoppers. Wow. If you are trying to get your dry fly game going, throw a hopper. The ant has picked up a fish or two also, but for the most part… hoppers. We have seen some good days with the sun and heat and have been lucky with that, but when the clouds come out and they are not eating the hopper, they will eat the nymph and/or streamer. They are hungry. The river is in great condition and the fish are in top shape! It has just been soooo goooood this summer… ALLLL SUMMER LONGGG!!!

Flies that have been working for us here at the shop are as follows:


More-Or-Less Hopper size 12 and 14 in the Pink, Peach, Tan or Yellow

White Cloud Hopper size 10, 12 and 14 in the Yellow or Green

Mongo Hopper size 10 and 12 in the Tan, Peach or Yellow

Panty-Dropper-Hopper size 12 and 14 in the Tan, Pink or Yellow

Yeti Hopper size 12 in Purple or Red

Fat Frank size 10 and 12 in Orange, Yellow or Purple

Fat Albert size 10, 12 and 14 in ALL the colors

Morrish Hopper size 12 and 14 in the Yellow, Pink and Tan








                Parachute Adams size 10

                Circus Peanut 10 and 12 in the Yellow

                Delektable Twisted Baby size 12 and 14 in the Tan/Brown

                Delektable Twisted Sister size 12 and 14 in the Tan/Brown

                Delektable Chubbiness size 14 and 16 in the Cinnamon or Royal

                Tantrum size 12 in the Pink

                Purple Haze size 16

                Delektable Ant size 14 and 16 in the Cinnamon or Red

                Yeagers Ant size 12 and 14 in the Red



               Pheasant Tail

                Delektable Lil’ Spanker size 16 in the Pheasant tail and silver

                Silver or Pearl Lightening Bug size 12 and 14

                Golden Stone Tungsten size 8 and 10

                Shop Vac size 14 and 16 in the Olive and Pheasant tail

                Tung Dart Green 16         

Well, there are a few choices for you if you were having any trouble selecting a bug or two to throw at those wily trout. If you have any questions please feel free to stop by or give us a call! We hope you are having the best summer ever, now get ready for faaaaaall!!!

Happy Fishing!!! -Dang  

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August 19th – 25th | Madison River Fishing Report

The thing about hoppers… is that … they are still here.

And they are going to be here for more than a minute, so you best get used to them and best come in and buy your favorite ones before they are gone! They go real fast here at the Beartooth. The guides and clients eating more hopper flies than the fish do, so stay on top of it and get armored up! The bins have been restocked over and over again and still there are not enough to supply the valley somehow. The bite has been predicted to last a week or two more. The weather looks good for the rest of the week for throwing hoppers. Pitch and twitch! Thanks to all the rain this summer early on, and all the green grass, we have seen one of the most prolific hatches of grasshoppers of all time. Swarms of hoppers have taken over the valley. There are hoppers everywhere. Ants and beetles are in the mix too, but the hopper game is strongest. If you are having a little trouble hooking up on the hopper, try a different size, a little bit different silhouette or try changing colors. Keep changing it up until you find the one that they like for you. People come in the shop everyday telling us that “this is the only one they will eat”. It’s funny, every time I hear “the only hopper they will eat” …it is a different hopper each time I hear it. What works for one person is not always the same fly for another person. So, keep mixing it up. We are progressing ourselves in this sport when we stay in the water and keep switching it up until something starts working. If one bug is not catching, then try another. Another thing about the hopper fishing is that the hopper bite may die down with clouds present.


Some flies that have worked for us and the guides here this week are as follows:

Morrish Hopper Pink or Yellow size 10 and 12

More-Or-Less Hopper Pink size 10 and 12

Yeti Hopper Red size 12

Yeager’s 409 Red size 12

Delektable Ant Cinnamon or Red size 12 and 14

Delektable Prince Brandon any size but especially 16

Lightning Bug Silver size 16

Softhackle pheasant tail size 16 or Delektable Lil’ Spanker Pheasant Tail

Green Machine size 14 and 16

3 Dollar Dip Red size 16

Bat wing BWO size 16

Delektable Purple Lil’ Spanker size 16





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August 12th – 18th | Madison River Fishing Report


These past few months this summer have been some of the best ones we’ve had in a long time!!! I hope you have been getting out and enjoying the great fishing wherever you are at. Here on the Madison we have had an epic hopper bite above all other bites thus far. It seems like every boat that comes back in is raving about how the hopper bite is getting crazier and crazier. The bite seems to be when the sun is out and shining warm. Little ones, medium ones, big ones and gigantic ones are crawling around as if the battle against the trout is upon them. They are in droves. The armies of hoppers are so big and so vast, even the king and queen cannot stop them! They are EVERYWHERE! Please call for help, please call someone who can cast. Please, we need anglers that can cast in the boat! MORE hook-ups for hoppers sakes! We need to join with the trout and become one force, one giant, unstoppable force against the little 6-legged creatures. The struggle is real, so please hop on the conclusions wave train and assume they will eat it….and throw it!!! And while you are at it, you may as well crack open a single hop brew to throw back while you are throwing that single hopper. Also, take a moment and realize where you are at, amid the hopper battlefield…surrounded by some of the newest mountains in the world, the Greater Yellowstone area, the Madison Range and the mighty Madison River. The Gateway to trout fishing heaven is here, as you step into the golden waters of Montana, we greet you, we encourage you to grab a weapon. May it be a 5, 6 or 7 weight sword of graphite or fiberglass, throw the bug with strength and honor, and you WILL be rewarded with spots and slime of fin and tail.


You have fought well and strong young angler, but ah, the battle still rages on into the night…. for, the nocturnal warriors of stone are here, and some of them are much larger than normal (salmonfly sized). They carry armor of rock about them as they are part of the stonefly regime. But fear not, they may be fast, but they are stupid and swim right into the jaws of the brown and rainbow. So, as you think of resting after casting your weapon all day, say to yourself, “Self, thy rod is wet with action, though it be of the dry caliber, it is wet and fresh of slaying. I shall keep thee wet and cast thee further and softer into the night, for, the nocturnal stones are here, and I shall not rest.”

                                                                                                              Strength and honor I give thee. Strength and honor you need. But most of all while you are out in the dark battlefield of the night, we call the river…. keep thy rod bent with glee and realize you are winning, yes…. winning!

Hoppers that are working are as follows:


Happy Fishing!!!  -Dang  



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August 5th – 11th | Madison River Fishing Report

August 5th-11th, 2019

Can you guess the fly of the week? Good job! Hoppers! They are flooding the valley. It is getting ridiculous. The fly bins of hoppers in the fly shops are getting low everywhere but the Beartooth! If you are wondering what the best hopper pattern is… look no further, we have the answer; it is the one on the end of your line! We have Yetis, White Clouds, Tony the Tigers, Fat Alberts, Fat Franks, Hippie Stompers, Mongos, Slammers, Yeagers, Triple Deckers, Super Dave’s, even a Joe or two and a slough of parachute hoppers to beat all. The colors vary as to what is really being eaten though; yellow, green, pink, brown, purple, red, tan, black, cream….you know, all of them. I would just ‘hop’ around from pattern to pattern if I were you. But, turns out I’m not you, so do what you will. As far as the timing goes for when they are eating them the best, the hopper bite seems to be most of the early to mid-day and really good on into the afternoon. That’s seems kind of broad as far as time goes, but every guide that is coming back in the shop is saying it has been lights out on the dry from put-in to take-out. And like I have said already this year, if you are the dry or die guy, then this is your time to shine. Some folks who are just learning are experiencing plenty of visual action, drive by trout, missed takes, and and plenty of bites. Make sure you take the time and watch what is going on to see the take. The action is fun! Enjoy!          

So that is enough about the hopper and his 6 little springy legs. We have other little multi-legged creatures of the grass that are out and about…the flying ant, the bee, the beetles and spiders. The flying ant is a little bit bigger than your average ant and well, has wings. We have plenty of choices when it comes to ants also! One of the house favorites is Dan’s Delektable Flying Ant in the cinnamon and red. We have black ants, purple ants, red ants, rootbeer ants, brown ants, red and black ants, pink ants, plastic ants, epoxy ants, balsa wood ants, and even real ants in the shop😊 We have the bugs and now the back orders are starting to come in and help out the ever so dwindling bin population situation. We recently had a nice guy in the shop just a few days ago grabbing all the bees he could get his hands on, he gave me this little smirk and said, “that’s all I need, thank you”. So, whatever your drug to get the tug is, be sure to check us out up here on Hwy 287 south of the post office about 10 minutes. We have got the flies and the means to fix your fly dis-function. And you just can’t find the right bug you are looking for, then why not give it your try at the vice? We have all the natural materials and synthetics to get the job done! We are your one stop shop! Anyways, I hope you are having a great summer out there on the river or wherever you may be spending it. Happy Fishing!!!

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July 29th-August 4th, 2019| Madison River Fishing Report

Hoppers, Hoppers, and more Hoppers!!! It is hopper season on the Upper Madison River… RIGHT NOW!!! I have not seen this many hoppers in the valley since …. never. Big Dan might say over eight years since…If you want to catch fish on a hopper, now is the time for just that. They are only going to be getting more and more keyed in to them day by day. Double dries are working great right now including Hoppers with different Delektable Chubbyness behind or in front. Also, the Spruce Moths are just getting going and are a good second fly. This is also the time we like to call ‘Hopper Dropper’ time. If you are not getting them on the dry, then they will most likely be eating the dropper you hang under it. PMDs, Caddis and little stones (yellow sally) are all good choices for a dropper. We have been doing well on the Crystal Dip size #16 for the Caddis. People are doing well on the Standard Prince nymph as a Caddis dropper also. I could go through all the possible Droppers you could use, but ill only list a few of the heavy hitters we have seen here in the past week.

  • Delektable Prince Brandon size 16
  • Lemon Drop size 14
  • Crystal Dip size 14 and 16
  • Delektable Lil’ Spankers in Silver and Gold #16
  • Three Dollar Dip Brown size 16
  • Lightning Bug Pearl size 16
  • Golden Stone Tungsten Bead size 16
  • Caddis Pupa Crystal size 16 CH
  • Drifting Hydropsyche Olive size 16
  • Psycho Princes in different colors size 16

Some of the Hoppers we’ve seen go out the door and down the hatch are as follows


  • More-or-less Pink size 12 and 14
  • Fat Albert Yellow, Brown and Red size 10
  • Fat Frank Pink, Tan and Peach size 12
  • White Cloud Tan size 12
  • Dave’s Hopper any size
  • Joe’s Hopper size 12
  • Panty Dropper Hopper Pink size 12

The flying ant is also out there and will be working more as the summer progresses on.

  • Delektable Ant Cinnamon or Red size 14 and 16
  • Delektable Ant Black size 14 and 16
  • Bloom’s Stealth Ant Purple size 16
  • Royal Wulff Split-Wing size 14
  • Yeager’s 409 Red size 14
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