October 20th – December 16th|Red Fish





This year down south in the Louisiana marsh, Captain Marty has seen peaks and valleys for a fishing experience. This has been due to the uncharacteristic weather having peaks and valleys of its own. The weather has been going from nice warm 80 degree days to having cold spells come from out of no where. One in particular brought snow to the area for the first time in thirteen years. The resident Red fish loathe this weather and would rather hide in the mud like an alligator or turtle for the winter then be cruising the flats sun bathing and munching flies. After the snow passed it took two whole days to see any Red fish movement at all with all the larger fish (25 pounds and up) still M.I.A. or sunbathing to warm up from their cold experience. We also have to thank this weather as the fish then have a few days where they focus on trying to keep warm and starve themselves like pretty actors on the red carpet. Once that red carpet night is over they have been gorging themselves like food eating contestant champions. This has allowed Marty to have some serious big hungry fishing days.

Enjoy the familiar faces fishing with Marty. Happy Holidays!

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November 6th-12th|Madison River Fishing Report

The river is flowing at a rate of 940 c.f.s. below the newly completed dam at Hebgen Lake and 1,030 c.f.s. down at the Kirby Ranch. It’s been a bit cold and windy lately around here but that didn’t stop our father and son clients from getting after it with Gunnar Monday in the snow and the wind with temps in the teens. They had a tough time keeping the anchor rope and fly lines clear of ice but didn’t have many issues catching fish!!


Nymphs are of course catching fish throughout the river with some of the best ones being princes, rubberlegs, Delektable Megaprinces, zebra midges, eggs and worms. Fish are starting to move into the deeper buckets that they’ll hold in for the winter so fish those babies low and slow. As we get further into winter they will also be in the shallow riffles so test different areas as you fish.


If you see fish eating from the surface odds are they’re taking midges. Griffith’s gnats, CDC midges and crystal midges shouldn’t have a problem taking those fish. The best action has been in the upper wade section as usual for midge fishing.



Fish are still biting the small streamers too. Zonkers, sculpzillas, mini loops, Morrish’s sculpins and Delektable christmas trees are all good bets as long as they’re swung, dead drifted or stripped in sloooow. 

Thanks again to North Western Energy for getting the dam project finished. They shared a few photos from the process.


Call or stop by the shop for any more tips or info you may need to make the most of your next day spent fishing on the Madison or surrounding lakes and streams.


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October 30th-November 5th|Madison River Fishing Report

Flows are steady with the last couple of weeks’ reports as the temperature will begin to drop here in the Madison Valley. Daytime highs are predicted to be all over the board this week between about 30 and 50 degrees.


Let’s hope that the changing weather will turn the streamer bite on! We’ve seen some good fish caught lately on McCune’s Sculpins, Sundell’s Bad Boys, Mini Loops and Delektable Screamers but we’re still hoping to see some more consistency with the streamer bite.

Nymphs have been picking up most of the fish, of course. Hare’s Ears, Prince Nymphs, Rubberlegs, eggs and Delektable Big Spankers have all been good choices as of recent and they’re working best in the deeper holes so you may want to have some split shot with you as well.

Dry fly fishing is the same story as the past couple weeks with baetis being the main target. I still recommend just a classic parachute adams to imitate them but don’t be surprised to see more midge action in the coming days as it cools off.

Keep checking in for more tips and reports to come!

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October 23rd-29th|Madison River Fishing Report

Warmer than average temps are expected for this week so get out there and take advantage! Flows are still holding steady at around 940 c.f.s. below Hebgen, 1,030 c.f.s. at Kirby and about 1,150 c.f.s at Varney.

With temps expected in the 55-70 degree range throughout the week I’d expect some continuing good BWO and baetis fishing especially on the upper end of the river. I’ve yet to find a baetis dry I like better than the ol’ Parachute Adams and the BWO’s are easy enough to imitate with a #18 purple craze or a split-wing BWO.


Nymphs have of course have been the most successful with Pat’s Rubberlegs, Delektable Lil’ Spankers, RS2s and Prince Nymphs all being some of the top flies. Whether it’s a tight-line, under a bobber or behind a streamer those bugs should get you by.

If you just want to chuck streamers be willing to work for it as streamer fishing has been somewhat inconsistent with some really good days mixed in. The Delektable Screamer, Bow River Buggers, Zonkers and Sculpzillas are all good things to have in the box.


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October 16th-22nd|Madison River Fishing Report


It was an interesting week weather wise here in the Madison Valley with lots of wind and some rain and snow but the forecast for this upcoming week looks a lot more fish friendly. Flows have been consistent at 940 c.f.s. below the dam at Hebgen, 1020 c.f.s. at Kirby and 1170 down at Varney.   


The nymph fishing has been producing some quality fish especially later in the day when the waters warmest. Prince nymphs, Rubberlegs, Delektable Pheasant Tail Lil’ Spankers, Red Copper Johns and Worms have all gotten it done out there over the past few days.


Still the same song and dance on top, BWO’s and October Caddis. I’m expecting some good hatches this week with the weather predicted to be a little warmer (high 50s and lower 60s) so you dry or die guys should get a good late season fix. I’d be sure to have a couple Delektable Ranch BWOs in the box as well as some Adams and Purple Crazes and as the light dims in the evening skate a big October Caddis pattern around.


The streamer bite has been pretty good but not what we’d expect for this time of year, I’d count on that improving from good to great in the coming days. The olive and black Delektable Double Screamer has been my go to streamer as of late but we’ve also seen action on Galloup’s Sex Dungeon, pearl Zonkers, Trevor’s Sculpin and the white single Screamer. I’ve had the best luck on slow short strips and swings.


Be sure to call or stop in for any other tips you may need before heading out to enjoy the river and as always, check back next week for another up to date report


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