July 10th-16th|Madison River Fishing Report






The Upper Madison is flowing at 1180 c.f.s. below Hebgen and 1490 c.f.s. at Kirby Ranch and fishing well throughout. We’re looking forward to the forecasted cooler nights combined with the intermittent precipitation we’ve had to keep the water temps down at a healthy level.


A few of our local rivers have “hoot owl” fishing restrictions, they are as follows: The Big Hole River from Saginaw bridge to the mouth of the North fork and from Notch Bottom to the confluence with the Beaverhead,    The Lower Beaverhead River from Anderson Lane to the confluence with the Big Hole,    The Lower Madison River from Ennis Dam to the mouth,    The Lower Gallatin River from the confluence with the Madison to Sheds Bridge,   The East Gallatin River from Spring Hill Rd Bridge to the confluence with the Gallatin  and last but not least,  The entire Jefferson River. These locations will be closed to fishing from 2 p.m. until midnight as long as water temps remain high.


 The fish are fighting extremely hard so bring your a-game if you want to land them. Salmon flies and golden stoneflies are a thing of the past at this point but the Ants, Caddis and PMD’s are doing just fine at getting the fish’s attention.


Dry fly fishing is still best in the evening but we’ve also been sucking them up in the middle of the day on the #16 Bloom’s Stealth Ant. They’re still on the caddis in the evening as well as the spinners. To imitate those we’ve been using Delektable C.D.C. Elk Hair Caddis Tan #16 and the Goddard Caddis in size #16. For the mayflies it’s the Parachute Rusty Spinner or a Parachute Adams in either #14 or #16. 


As always nymphing is the way to go in the middle of these bright and hot days we’ve been having. Some of our guys have been picking fish up on #10 olive brown Pat’s Rubberlegs but other than that they’ve been on the small bugs. #14 Princes, #16 Hare’s Ears, #16 gold Lightning Bugs and some #14 Shop Vacs and a variety of PMD or Yellowstone or Yellow Sally Nymphs should be plenty to get the job done any time of day.    


Streamer fishing has been on the tough side, haven’t heard of much coming for the big stuff but we have had a few good reports on the small stuff. Swinging small sculpin patterns will probably be your best bet if you’re looking for a meat-eater. I’d recommend tan Zonkers, natural Sculpzillas or a Sheila’s Sculpin and get out there early while water temps are low. 


Lastly, don’t forget to come by the shop next weekend for our fundraiser for the Montana Hope Project. Great food, good people, fly tying and casting clinics all for an amazing cause. That’s Saturday the 29th and Sunday the 30th. Dan’s going to be making elk chili and Marty will have his famous Cajun Gumbo as well as some fantastic deserts from the Country Bumpkin Bakery and Elle’s Belles. All proceeds will go straight to the foundation in addition to a percentage of all retail in the shop. We hope to see you there!

Brian, Kevin, and the Delektable Crew

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July 3rd – 9th|Madison River Fishing Report

Things have been heating up on the Upper Madison over the past week, (mid-day temps well into the 90’s) which sped the big bug hatch right up and pretty much out the door. You may still be able to find a couple salmon flies way up top but hopefully you got to enjoy the hatch in its entirety. In other news, gin-clear water has been steadily flowing out of Hebgen at 1,220 c.f.s. and 1,610 c.f.s. at Kirby Ranch. The heat has kind of put a damper on the mid-day dry fly bite but the mornings and evenings have still been great and nymphing is producing throughout the day. 


The Surface fishing has been a morning PMD and an evening caddis program. My favorite caddis has been and probably always will be the Delektable Peacock Halo tied on a #16 hook, or a Dark Olive Bloom’s Parachute Caddis also in size #16. For the PMDs I recommend a Snowshoe Cripple in either a size #16 or #18, Delektable Teaser in the same sizes or Carlson’s Purple Craze. And of course the ol’ rusty spinner should pick them up in the morning and evening as well.  If you have to pick one hatch to fish I’d make sure you’re out there before dark fishing the caddis and spinners.







The streamer fishing has been picking up on the upper river over the past week and we’re hoping it continues to do so. They’re mostly on the smaller stuff like Coffey’s Sparkle Minnow, the Belly Ache Minnow or Delektable Single Screamer in Badger. Work the structure and don’t be afraid to swing them in the middle of the river.  


If you’re out there in the  middle of a sunny day it’s most likely you’ll be fishing a couple of small beadheads. The ones that have been working for us are the Purple or Gold Lightning Bug, the One Man Party, Purple Psycho Prince, The Delektable Mr. Rubberlegs Goldenstone, the Delektable Lil’ Spanker in Olive, PT, or Gold and last but not least, the trusty Prince Nymph.   






That should be all the info and ammo you need to enjoy the beautiful Montana summer. We’ll be in the shop so be sure to stop in and say hi.    

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June 26th – July 2nd|Madison River Fishing Report


Well, the big bug bite is on!! Salmon flies have made their way up to and past the shop here and the cooler temps have been slowing them down for us all to enjoy a little longer. Evening caddis hatches have also been KILLER, we definitely recommend an early dinner and getting right back out on the water to experience it. Also expect to see PMD’s, Yellow Sallies, Golden Stoneflies and a few Drake’s out there.


Dry fly fishing has continued keep a smile on everyone’s faces throughout the river. Whether its caddis, mayflies or the salmons and golden stones the fish have been looking up. We recommend having some Delektable Peacock Halo’s in a #16, Olive Delektable C.D.C. Elk Hair Caddis in either a #14 or #16 and earlier in the day it’ll be nice to have a Smoke Jumper PMD emerger or two on a #16 hook. As for the big foamy stuff we’ve been fishing the Delektable Secret Salmon (#6 or #8) and Secret Golden Stone (#10 and #12). They’ve also been liking a small (#14 and #16) Delektable Chubbyness off the back of those big dries as well, either purple or royal for the color.   


Streamer fishing has continued to be put on the back burner due to the all you can eat insect buffet out there. If you’re one of those people that can’t help but to strip the meaty stuff off the banks I’d recommend starting small, something like a Sheila’s Sculpin or a Delektable Single Screamer in white or badger.     


Nymphing has been good as well with all the bugs being so active. The One Man Party and the Shop Vac are doing great for the caddis, sizes #14 and #16 for both. As for the mayfly nymphs we’ve been having good results on Purple Psycho Prince’s, Delektable Pheasant Tail Lil’ Spanker’s in #16, and Red Thread Prince Nymphs in either a #14 or #16.  


As always call or stop by the shop for an up to the minute report and HAVE FUN out there!!!

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June 19th – 25th|Madison River Fishing Report

Welcome to SUMMER!!! 


Our wonderful summer has started with a MASSIVE grand opening thanks to our great friends and flawless family the SALMON FLIES, GOLDEN STONES, Caddis flies, and May flies. The weather is ideal for fishing. So it is time to ditch those waders and boots and go for the river sandals and wet wade. The river is flowing out of Hebgen Dam at a CFS of 1280 and 1820 CFS at Kirby. The river is crystal clear on the upper sections; the runoff is gone and the fish can see everything. The river is still a touch above normal but not overflowing onto the banks, making them very walkable again. THE TIME FOR FISHING IS NOW!!


How would I approach the river you may ask? Great question, and I bet you can guess on your first try. Yup! Dry fly season is here; come one and all! Everyone is invited to the spectacle that is dry fly fishing, with the best of all the dry fly circus spectacles here, the Salmon flies. If you want to see monster eats and toilet-bowl flushes , start with the Delektable Chubbyness Little Yellow Stone #14-16, Dan’s Secret Salmon #6, Delektable Secret Goldenstone #6, and Delektable Mega 2-Tone Chubbyness Orange #6. These have been our best produces for those fat U Boats (Brown Trout). At the same time, Caddis flies have been equally crushing some serious U Boats, as the BOMBER Caddis are hatching along the whole river. Trust me the caddis are bombing the water kamakaze style and giving fish their life. Our personal best and favorite dries for these are the Delektable CDC Elk Hair Caddis olive, holographic olive, and tan #14, Delektable Twisted X Tan/Brown, Purple #14, Bloom’s Parachute Caddis Dark Olive #14, and the Delektable Twisted Sister Tan/Brown #14.

These fish are still wreaking havoc under the surface. Since the arrival of the Salmon flies, the stonefly nymphs have been providing large numbers of quality fish. Caddis and Mayfly nymphs have been doing just as great. The small dropper is like a great cheese with your cheese 
burger; but this cheese burger is meant to be feed to fish and get that perfectly bent rod. Our favorite “cheeses” are the Delektable Stoner #6, Pat’s Rubber Legs #8, Delektable Mega Prince with and without flash #6, Delektable CDC Baby #12-16, Psycho Prince Yellow #14-16, Shop Vac #16-18, Delektable Sure Strike Peacock and Yellow/Peacock #14-16, Lightning Bug in pearl, purple, and silver #16, Delektable Lil’ Spanker in PT, silver, and gold #14-16, and Delektable Hammer Head Prince #14-16.

As for the steak bite, a.k.a., the streamer bite, that has slowed down quite a bit. The great news, however, is that our great leader NANCY has figured out a pattern that works and that is our other great leader’s pattern the Delektable Badger Screamer.


This is how we have been catching fish throughout the day; if you follow these rules surely you’ll have that necessary grin on your face and the rod tip bent towards a fish. Now go out, have fun, enjoy the view and river, and most of all catch fish.

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June 12th -18th|Madison River Fishing Report

It’s the middle of June and the river is getting ready to jump into high gear. She is steadily and slowly regaining her glorious shine and clarity. As of today the visibility is in about a 3 foot range and getting better with each passing day. The flows are still a little high with below Hebgen Dam at 1610 CFS and at Kirby 2180. The river is slowly tapering down towards those July flows. With the water at the level it is right now it has been making for exceptionally great bank fishing with no need to jump into our crazy swift slippery river just yet. Also, be cautious still at the bridges with your boat and getting under safely.

Attention! Attention! To all who love the flies above the water and not below the water, the dry fly action is in second gear and really trying to pick up speed. As we are getting warmer weather the water flows are beginning to taper down and we will be getting into those hatching connditions.  As a result the first to arrive is the Bomber Caddis between Palisades and Storey Ditch. These Caddis are special with their bigger Caddis bug size #12-14 and you can cast them and see them more easily while nice varieties of trout will prey on them. The best ways to imitate these wonderful bugs is with Delektable Twisted X or Twisted Sister size #12 in Purple or Tan/Brown, Bloom’s Parachute Caddis sizes #14-16 olive, Delektable CDC Elk Hair Caddis sizes #14-16 Holographic Olive, or try different colors, and the Delektable Twisted Baby sizes #14-16 in purple, tan/brown, or Brown. With these flies you can surely open the season of dry fly fishing right and enjoy a jumping trout from your fly and have a grin across your face and eventually a fish in the net.

As for the down and dark under water approach also known as the nymphing world it is holding a steady pace of ripping lips and catching fish. The flies I would use include the Delektable Sure Strike in sizes #14 and #12, Yellow Psycho Prince in a size #14 or #16, red threaded Prince Size #12, Delektable Hammerhead prince #12 or #14, and Delektable CDC baby size #14. The fish have been really hot for these flies. 

If you think it is going to get cold and you’re holding off on that plane ticket for that last frost to pass. I’m Here to say it is time you must come as all the frost has past this week and the fish are getting very hungry and aggressive. Call us at the shop if you need fly advice and current conditions. Get out there and fish.


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