June 6th – 12th | Madison River Fishing Report

Runoff continues to taper down here in the valley. Water clarity is still best above the confluence with the West Fork. But clarity is plenty good throughout the length of the river for some solid fishing throughout. Caddis have begun to emerge although the trout aren’t keyed in on them just yet. The big Stonefly Nymphs are becoming active and moving and we hope to see the big bugs on the water possibly as early as mid to later half of the coming week. Flows now are right around 1,000 cfs river wide.

We’ve seen some days this week where it’s been better to be out early and others where it’s been better in the afternoon. Nymphing is still you’re best bet if you’re out searching for numbers. But if you’re patient, and get a dry in just the right spot you can be rewarded. Streamers have been solid too especially with some cloud cover.

Nymphs: Delektable Guide Stones #6-#8, Delektable Mega Princes #6-#10, Delektable Hurless Stones #6-#10, Pat’s Rubber Legs #6-#8, Prince Nymphs #14-#16, Delektable Lil’ Spankers #14-#18 in Silver, Red, Orange, Blue, and Pheasant Tail.  Shop Vacs, $3 dips, Lemon Drops #14-#18. Delektable Hammerheads #14-#16.

Dries: Delektable CDC Holographic Olive Caddis #14-#16, Delektable Halo #14-#16, Delektable Lil’ Chubbies #14-#16. The Lil’ Chubbies are great for a dry dropper rig with a small nymph suspended. We’ve seen some good success the last hour of daylight with the dry dropper rig.

Streamers: Delektable Screamers Single or Articulated-Olive/Black, Natural, Brown/Yellow. Zirdles, Zonkers. Swinging some of the smaller streamers has been effective as well. Patterns such as Slumbusters and Sculpzillas have brought some nice trout to hand for myself in the evenings on the two hander.

With high temps and clearing water the Upper Madison should be a wonderful place to be over the next month. Be sure to get out there and enjoy some great weather in a beautiful place.

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May 30th – June 5th | Madison River Fishing Report

Warm weather and runoff have returned to the Madison Valley this week. With the lower than average snowpack flows remain well below average and the river is very fishable. The best water conditions are above the West Fork on the Upper Wade Section. The river has just a tinge of green. Below the West Fork and continuing to Ennis the river is off color.

We’ve had numerous guide trips out all week. If you’re patient and rotate through your patterns and tactics there is some good fishing to be had out there. Below the wade section it has mostly been a nymph and streamer game. With the best chance for dry fly activity is in the upper wade section. With some BWO’s and Midges still getting some attention from the trout on calmer less bright afternoons.

We hope to see runoff peak over the next few days and then the countdown to the Salmonfly Hatch will begin.

Nymphing anglers have been having success with Delektable Mega Princes, Delektable Hurless Stones, Delektable Stonefly Candy, Pat’s Rubberlegs, Girdle Bugs. Shop Vac’s, $3 dips, Physco Princes, Delektable Lil’ Spankers, Delektable Hammerheads, Delektable Jig Hook Tungsten Spankers, Perdigons, Baetis Nymphs, and Midge imitations are all good choices for your trailer fly.

Swinging soft hackles alone or behind a streamer have brought in some good reports over the last several days as well.

The Streamer bite is definitely getting more consistent now. Delektable Screamers, Zonkers, Dungeons, Zirdles, Sparkle Minnows, and Kreelex patterns, have been working well for our area anglers over the last several days. Dead drifting and stripping with various retrieves are all possibilities now. The streamer bite seems to be strongest in the mornings and anytime you get some cloud cover. As we said earlier adding a soft hackle to the back of your streamer has been very effective also.

As runoff subsides we will be about to enter our most exciting time of the season. We will have the Salmon Flies, Golden Stones, Little Yellow Stones and Olive Stones, PMD’s, and Caddis to look forward to as the Madison clears.

Please be safe out there everyone and remember it’s not about the numbers. Soak in the scenery and let your stress go. Our sport is about fun and relaxing. The fish we catch are just a bonus on top of being able to live or visit all the special rivers we have access to in Montana.

Our inventory on bugs is very strong and we invite you to come pay us a visit here at Beartooth Flyfishing. Our staff is on the river most days and are always tuned in to the current fishing conditions on the Upper Madison. We still have a good supply of discontinued Rio Lines at 40% off as well. And some nice clothing on clearance for both the ladies and the men. Tight Lines everyone!

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May 23rd – 29th | Madison River Fishing Report

What we hope was the last visit from Old Man Winter has come and gone, at least we hope although having more precipitation is good. With the cooler temps runoff slowed some and clarity improved to a little greener color for the last few days. With warm temps returning we should see runoff resume just in time for the coming weekend.

Throughout most of the Upper Madison nymphing will continue to be the most consistent method for catching numbers. Delektable Mega Princes, Delektable Hurless Stones, Delektable Balanced Stones, and Pats Rubberlegs in Black, Brown, and Olive colors. As runoff resumes with less clarity and with the Salmonfly Hatch on the horizon. These patterns can be fished in sizes #4 – #10. Have plenty of bright attractor nymphs along as well. Delektable Lil’ and Big Spankers in Silver, Red, Blue, Purple. #14-#18. Psycho Princes #14-#16. Shop Vacs in Olive and Brown continue to fish well #16-#18. Delektable Hammerheads in sizes #14-#18. Lightning Bugs #12-#18. Crystal and $3dips #16.

The dry fly action up high around Raynold’s and $3 is still active with BWO’s and Midges on calm less wind days. Keep an eye on flows and clarity here as the warm weather returns. March Brown’s had been active before the cold snap and hopefully we can get a bit more action on them before runoff starts again in earnest.

Streamer action is getting more consistent by the week and as runoff returns we should see this trend continue. Black, Olive, and Natural colors have been more consistent for us recently. Delektable Screamers in Black and Olive, and Natural have been solid choices over the last few days. As always with Streamers vary your colors and retrieves until you find what the trout want. But we are definitely seeing more fish begin to chase more and you can get away from the dead drift twitch technique more now.

A quick heads up. We have discontinued RIO Flylines on sale at 40% off. Quite a few Golds and Grands in stock still. Give us a call if you’d like us to get one to you. Please call us anytime or stop in before hitting the river. The Custom Rod Room is full and a lot of other fun product is arriving daily. Be safe and Tight Lines everyone!

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May 16th – 22nd Madison River Fishing Report

Fishing on the Upper Madison remains overall good. With cold weather moving in it should slow runoff for a few days.

Nymphing with Delektable Stones, and Rubberlegs in sizes #8-#6. Trailing Deleketable Lil’ Spankers in Silver, Blue, Red, and Pheasant Tail, Delektable Hammerheads, Lightning Bugs, Shop Vacs, $3 Dips, Psycho Princes, Pheasant Tails,  Baetis Nymphs, #16-#18.

Dry Fly action below the Upper Wade section will be on hold for a bit until warmer weather returns. BWO’s and Midges continue to emerge around Raynold’s and $3 Bridge on calmer wind days. This is your most conistent dry fly activity at the moment.

Streamer action has been solid some days and more inconsistent on others. Black, Olive, Yellow, and Natural color combinations have fished best in the last week.

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May 11th – May 15th Madison River

The last week on the Upper Madison has seen a bit of everything. We’ve had beautiful calm warm spring days, mixed in with cool stormy days and even some snow now and then. The fishing has been overall good yet sporadic at times. We are still holding on with pre runoff conditions at the moment but that could change in the next few days with warm temperatures forecast for the next four to five days. Currently the river is holding on with that nice green color. Plenty of visibility for dries, nymphs, or streamers until runoff begins in earnest.






Nymphing has been the best way to get into some fish at most times. Delektable Mega Princes, Delektable Hurless Stones, and other Stonefly Nymph patterns in sizes #8 – #10. We are beginning to see the fish looking for the Golden Stone Nymphs as well now. It’s a good idea to have some of those in your fly rotations now also. Delekatable Lil’ Spankers in Silver and Blue #16 – #20, Delektable Big Spanker Warriors in #18, Shop Vacs #16 – #18, Delektable Hammerheads #16, Zebra Midges #18 – #20 in Red or Black, Perdigons #16 – #18, Psycho Princes #14 – #18, Hare’s Ear Nymphs #14 – #16. #12 – #14 Lil’ Spankers and other Pheasant Tail variants will imitate the larger March Brown Nymphs that are now beginning to emerge on the warmer days.

Dry Fly action has been good around Ennis and on the Lower Madison with the Mother’s Day Caddis Hatch in full swing. Delektable Halo Caddis Emergers in Peacock and Olive #14 – #16, Delektable CDC Holographic Caddis in Olive are excellent patterns to imitate this hatch. Our Delektable Lil’ Chubbies in the Olive tones have also fished well. Afternoons through evenings have seen the best action. Blue Winged Olive and Midge activity continues on the Upper Wade Section around Raynold’s Pass and $3 Dollar Bridge. If the wind is calm and not super bright you can have some outstanding action up there.

The Streamer bite continues to be sporadic. Cloudy days have been better but still not lights out. As runoff begins and the flows come up, we should begin to see the Streamer action really begin to take off. Dead drifting, and varying your retrieves and color choices will get you into some fish if your patient and mix up your game a bit. And of course being out early or late when the light is low always is Streamer time.

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