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Beartooth Flyfishing

Beartooth Flyfishing started with Dan Delekta, an avid fly fisherman since age 10 when tying flies and catching trout on them became an addiction. Dan began building rods in 1975 and was selling his own hand tied leaders shortly after in 1982 with the names Beartooth Fly Rods™, Beartooth Leaders™, and Beartooth Flyfishing™. He found a stretch of land on the Madison that called to him and he soon purchased the land in 1984. With friends and family, Dan designed and built the lodge and fly shop in 1989 and opened the Upper Madison River location in 1990. The location is where dreams are made of right on the banks of the Upper Madison River in the middle of the trophy trout section. There is an incredible selection of flies in the fly shop, several thousand different patterns and especially Dan’s own designs of which there are now over 800, Delektable Flies™; a shop with more fly variety and quantity than any shop we know, along with all the Beartooth Custom Fly Rods and Museum Quality Beartooth Leader products that Dan created and a vast assortment of gear and products for fishing and outdoor adventures.

Dan and his wife Nancy manage the shop and lodge business which includes guided flyfishing on a variety of rivers including the Upper and Lower Madison, Big Hole, Beaverhead, Jefferson, Missouri, Yellowstone, Stillwater, and Big Horn. The Beartooth Flyfishing guide crew is seasoned with over 20 guides to draw from and with Dan as the outfitter with his 30 plus years of guiding experience anchoring the crew. In addition to the retail business Dan and Nancy manage a wholesale business selling Beartooth Leaders and Delektable Flies to other businesses.

Beartooth Flyfishing has always been about doing the right thing, taking care of people who want to have an adventure in the Madison Valley, and showing them methods and techniques to help their fishing and enhance their adventure. We strive to provide the best customer service in every way we can.

Enjoy your Beartooth Flyfishing experience!

Dan and Nancy