October 10th to the 18th 2013

As we are truly seeing the season winding down, we have had some great fall trips. AfterIMG_0650 SM IMG_0655 SM IMG_1353 SM IMG_1355 SM our early big snow storm, we continued to have some cool weather but not cold enough to ice up the guides and the bite has continued to be strong. Water levels have remained about the same for the past two weeks with slight changes.

The choice flies have remained similar for about IMG_0643 SM IMG_0634 SM IMG_0624 SM IMG_0618 SM IMG_0616 SM IMG_1465 SMtwo weeks now including: Delektable Screamers in White or Black/Olive, Sculpzilla in Black or White, Flash Fry in Olive/White, BH Copper Bob in Purple or Red, Delektable Big Spanker in Red, Delektable Surestrike in Purple, Delektable Lil’ Spanker Pheasant Tail, Pat’s Rubberleg in Black, BH Lightning Bug Pearl, Epoxyback Tungsten Copper Red, and BH Batman Nymph in Purple.

We had some true beginners and folks with fishing experience all having fun and catching. IMG_1462 SM IMG_0609 SM IMG_0594 SM IMG_0587 SM IMG_1459 SM IMG_1350 SMOne group  was awarded this great fishing trip for succeeding in selling products for their company. They also succeeded in catching. Great Job!

The same week we had visitors to Beartooth Flyfishing, a Mother Moose and her baby hungIMG_0279 SM out in the yard for a couple hours and took a few bites out of our Canada Cherry Tree.


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