May 21, 2010 The proof is in the pudding!

We received a great report back from friends and customers who stopped by for flies and fishing suggestions. Here are some pictures from their fishing on Friday.

"Hi my name is Jeff, I was in your shop yesterday with Marion from Helena. I just wanted to tell you that we had a great time on the river yesterday and thought that you have the best fly selection I’ve ever seen. Thanks for the selection you helped me with. (i’m the good lookin guy in the blue hat)"

Thanks for the great report Jeff.

Week of May 16-21

Despite reports to the contrary, the Madison River is NOT blown-out. The tail-end of the recent warm weather put some dirty water in the river, but it remained very fishable with only a ribbon of colored water on one edge. The cold temps of the last couple of nights cleared up the influx of the feeder creeks and the modest amount of "dirty" water has become only a stained tint in some areas. The vast majority of the river is clear and all of the river is very, very fishable.

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