May 16th-May 22nd, 2023 | Upper Madison River Fishing Report

NOTICE from Northwestern Energy for Friday May 26th, 2023:

Hebgen Dam flow increasing May 26 to enhance Madison River trout spawning gravel

NorthWestern Energy will increase the volume of water releases from Hebgen Dam to flush fine sediments from Madison River gravel to enhance the quality of spawning gravels that support the healthy wild trout fishery.

Hebgen Dam outflows will gradually increase over several days to coincide with peak runoff in the West Fork Madison River and other tributary streams.

The flow release increase is planned to begin May 26 and will continue through the end of May. River recreationists should be aware of the changing conditions and take appropriate precautions. 

To protect the outlet of Quake Lake from erosion, the Madison River flows will be maintained at about 3,500 cubic feet per second at the Kirby Ranch stream gage.

We would like to announce a new member of our team, Ryan Thomas (RT)! He is a total fishaholic, out fishing everyday and totally embracing the Western Montana Way! Give him a big Montana welcome when you come in.

Is it summer already? Sure feels like it this last week, with temperatures ranging from the low 70’s early in the week and climbing to the high 70’s later in the week.  Streamflows started this week at 1,310cfs @ Kirby and 2,180cfs @ Cameron; 1,480cfs @ Kirby and 2,750cfs @ Cameron by mid-week and 1,770cfs @ Kirby and 3,350cfs @ Cameron by the 22nd. Warmer temperatures are bringing runoff to our valley, but the high and off-color conditions have not deterred the trout from biting!

We have not seen unfishable conditions here on the Madison, quite the opposite fish can be more attainable. The higher flows push the trout into the banks and behind rocks, which means that you can catch them right at your feet and they can’t see you! Streamers and large nymphs are the way to go right now, dries have been more challenging as the trout have such a variety right in front of them, looking up isn’t as appealing right now.

As for next week be aware of the notice above, that will be starting on Friday May 26th, 2023. Plan your trips accordingly. Please check in with us at Beartooth Flyfishing for up-to-date conditions, call 406-682-7525. We are here 7 days a week from 8am to 5pm!

Nymphs: Delektable Hammerhead GTBH Olive #14-#20; Delektable FB Mega Prince Std or Olive #4-#8; Delektable Big Spanker Warrior size #16- #18; Delektable Worm Red #12-#14, Pat’s RubberLegs Black, Black/Brown or Olive/Brown #4-#8; Delektable Guide Stone Brown/Yellow, Black, or Olive Brown #4-#8; BH Tung Teaser Black #20; Geppert Crystal Dip Olive or Red #16-#18; BH Shop Vac Brown or Olive #16-#18; Wire Worm Red #6-#10; ; BH PT Tungsten Soft Hackle #20; Delektable Mega Prince STD FB #4-#8;  Delektable Twinkle Black or Red #18-#20; BH Montana Bullet Black or Black/Red #18; Delektable Lil’ Spanker Pheasant Tail, Olive, or Olive Green #14-#20; Delektable Lime Juice Caddis Emerger #16; BH Partridge Caddis Olive #16; Delektable TGBH Big Spanker Light Olive #14-#16, Psycho Prince GB Caddis Green #14.

Streamers: Delektable SS Jointed/Double/Single Screamer Olive/White, Black/Olive, White, Yellow #6; Zonkers Olive, Natural Copper Body, Black, White #6 & #8; Fish Wacker Mini White #6; Bloom’s Jig Hook Zirdle Gold, Olive/Orange #10; TBH Balanced Leech Egg Sucking #10; Snapping Craw #8; Claws R Crawfish Olive, Tan #10; McCune’s Sculpin Olive #4-#8; Delektable Christmas Tree Original #6; JR’s Conehead Streamer Olive #6; Yo Dali Llama Olive/White #6; Mini Loop Sculpin Olive & Natural #6; Sparkle Shelia Sculpin #4; Trevor’s Sculpin Olive, Natural #4.

Dries: Purple Haze Parachute #18; Parachute Adams #18-#20; Delektable Chubbyness Royal or Olive Brown #14-#16; Delektable Lil’ Chubby Royal or UV Rainbow #16-#18; Delektable Curved Hook Ranch BWO #16; Etha-Wing Dun BWO #20-#22; Q’s Loopy Cripple Stacker BWO #18; Gulper Special #18-#20; Adams Split Wing Parachute #16-18; Adam’s Midge Cluster #18-#20; Delektable CDC Elk Hair Caddis Holographic Olive #16; Etha Wing Caddis Olive #16.

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