June 24, 2012

Okay, the truth be known, the big bugs are out back but in a different way. We haven’t seen any come up to our porch yet and the bugs have not been seen on a regular basis. Customers camping at Ruby Creek saw some there. Folks on floats above Ruby say a few but no one has commented on a regular all over hatch. All reports have been a few here and there but the fish are eating them on top.

Last evening we went out for a very short float to check to verify the stories with real intel. We saw millions of caddis and were covered with a variety of sizes to the point where it was tickling me. Around 8:00 PM we did start to see some salmon flies on the way to McAtee and they were laying eggs. The trout were eating them and larger size caddis. You do have to pay attention to see the take. A number of takes were missed by all of us but it sure was fun. The wind is expected to be gusty tomorrow and hopefully will calm down after. It is a good time to fish. Have fun!

Daniel, one of our new shop recruits was accross the river having fun catching too. He got a ride back to the launch with us.

Oh! One of our new fly tying students, Emmett, scored a really nice trout on the same day. Here’s the picture. Nice one Emmett!



June 23, 2012

Our new friends John and his son Connor were fishing with Marty and enjoyed learning how to catch on a fly.

June 16, 2012

John’s family enjoyed a float with Jim and Marty. Again, the bigger fish were caught on wet flies. The salmon flies weren’t quite there yet but they had fun. The fish were eating wet stone flies.

June 15, 2012

Three guys from the fly shop decided to fish the fishing out of the boat section after work. Roger, Marty, and I put the boat in at Windy Point and floated down to McAtee Bridge. The big brown bomber Caddis were out in size #10 and small Caddis were emerging. I fished a combo of one of my special big Caddis and a Delektable Halo Caddis as a dropper. The river was especially good to me that evening.

https://www.beartoothflyfishing.com/flyfishingreports/images/IMG_0209.JPGhttps://www.beartoothflyfishing.com/flyfishingreports/images/IMG_0214.JPG https://www.beartoothflyfishing.com/flyfishingreports/images/IMG_0213.JPG

Three browns over 18" and a good number of all age classes. The wet flies that are working now include: nymphs; stoneflies; Pat’s Rubberlegs in Brown or Black; Delektable Twisted Wires in size #14; BH Caddis emergers in #14 and #16. The dry flies that are working include: large attractors in sizes #8 and #10; PMX’s, Willies’ Red Ants; Chubby Chernobyls; Delektable Twisted X’s; Delektable Twisted Sisters and Elk Hair Caddis in sizes #10, #14, and #16. They still love streamers: Delektable Screamers in double and single in Black; Black/Olive; and Badger; Zonkers; and many other sculpin patterns.

Good luck on the Upper Madison. It’s looking great and the Big Bugs will be on their way soon.

Dan, Marty, and Roger


Dan and Craig add:

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