June 22, 2009

My initial plan last night was to float Storey Ditch to Burnt Tree, however, that changed pretty quickly when I woke up this morning to pounding rain and wind. Instead, I chose to float Varney to Town, in an effort to avoid a bit of the wind. Fishing was OK. We boated some fish on both the Bow River Bugger as well as the White Legged Black Girdle Bug. All fish caught were on a tight line, either pulling it off the bank or through the deeper, straight middle runs. While we did wade a bit right off the bat, we didn’t poke any fish so the clients chose not to wade any holes past the first few outta the chutes. They wanted to chase the color black but dead drifted black bugs weren’t doing it. So we fished out of the boat, and while we didn’t land 100 fish, we did boat a number of 15"-18" browns with one smaller rainbow in the mix. One BB split shot was enough weight under a 9 foot leader to get into the fishes feeding lane. While all the fish we landed were all either on the Bow River Bugger or Girdle Bug, there were a few big fish that straightend a sz.14 Red Lil’ Spanker.

GO FISHING, Charles P.

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