July 24th-July 30th, 2023 | Upper Madison River Fishing Report

The heat has been turned up on the Upper Madison this past week but unlike much of the rest of the world, the temperature drops at night, and we have the water to help keep our River ecosystem cool and our trout healthy! Fishing has been unpredictable this week and has us all changing our tactics to accommodate a hearty catching experience.

We have started to see Hoppers and other Terrestrials start to be productive this week especially on the flats and below Varney.  It’s really been a color game from day to day with Peach one day, Green the next and Tan the next. Remember that Terrestrials can be as good, if not better subsurface. Fishing a Hopper and a dropper can give you an attractor and float your Nymph in the perfect water depth for maximum success! Nymphs and Streamers have been the most consistent this last week with a variable success with Rusty Spinners, Chubby’s, Delektable Lil’ Chubbies, and Parachute Adams.

As for next week, the forecast looks like some serious rain to help cool us all down and with that Streamer and possibly some evening dry fly action after a storm. But if the rain has got you down and you need to dry out, we got you covered at Beartooth Flyfishing! This coming weekend, August 5th & 6th Noon to 5PM, we are celebrating our 10th Annual Montana Hope Project Fundraiser! We will be serving Marty’s famous Gumbo, Dan & Nancy’s Chili along with cookies and pies from Elle at Elle’s Belles and Vickie Noack at Country Bumpkin Bakery. We also will be having fly tying demonstrations and casting clinics as the weather allows! For a $50 donation you can get all the food you can eat and support a great cause to help Montana’s Families.

Dries: Delektable Lil’ Chubby UV Tan, Royal or UV Cinnamon #16-#18; White Cloud Hopper Olive, Peach or Tan #12-#14; PMD Parachute Rusty Spinner #14-#16; Delektable Halo Royal, Peacock, Purple or Tan #14-#16; More-Or-Less Hopper Purple, Pink, Peach or Yellow #10-#12; Transparent Ant Black/Black or Black/Red #16; Bloom’s Stealth Ant Purple #14-#16; Hi-Vis Thunder Thighs Hopper Pink or Yellow #10- #14; Yeager’s 409 Olive or Red #12-#16; Delektable Fly Ant Cinnamon or Purple #16-#18; Parachute Adams #12-#16; Delektable Chubbyness Royal, Rootbeer, UV Cinnamon or Purple #12-#16; Dornan’s Water Walker September Stone or Peanut #12-#14.

Nymphs: Geppert’s Skinny Dip Brown, Pearl or Black #14-#18; Psycho Prince GB Purple or Green #14-#16; BH Micro May Olive #16-#18; Delektable Lil’ Spanker Red or Silver #14-#18; Beaverhole Special PMD #16-#18; Duracell Bomb JH UV Black 2.5 #16; Delektable Lil’ Spanker Red, Purple, PT, Olive or Silver #14-#18; BH Lemon Drop #14-#18; Delektable TGBH Big Spanker Warrior, Olive or Light Olive #16-#18; Geppert’s Lightning Bug CH Black, Gold or Silver #16; Delektable Guide Stone Black or Olive/Brown #10-#12; Pat’s Rubberleggs Olive/Brown or Brown/Black #10-#12; Formerly Known as Prince #14-#16.

Streamers: Delektable SS Jointed Screamer Olive/White, Black, White, or Yellow; Delektable Double Screamer Olive/Black, Black, Olive, White, Yellow; Delektable Single Screamer Black, Olive/White, Olive/Black, White, Olive, or Spawning #6; McCune’s Sculpin Olive or Tan #4-#6; Zonkers Dark Olive, Tan, or Natural #8; Trevor’s Sculpin Olive, Black, or Natural #4; Dali Llama Olive/White or Black/Olive #6; Galloup’s Silky Kitty Black, Tan, White, or Olive; #6; Coffey’s Sparkle Minnow Sculpin #6; Conehead Zuddler Olive #6- #8; Flash Fry Olive/Natural #6; Mini Loop Sculpin Olive or Natural #6; Galloup’s Mini Sex Dungeons Olive, Black, or Cream #6.

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