Steelhead Boot Camp Rogue River, OR | Fall 2023

This year most of the Delektable Family and extended family (Dan, Allie, DJ and our good brother Jeff Willson) experienced an epic fall Steelhead run on the famous Rogue River in Southern Oregon. What an incredible trip and while the photos tell the best story, below are some Rogue River musings from the infamous Steelhead Fisher Folks.

From DJ:

I had the privilege of accompanying my love, Allie (affectionately known as the Lil Spanker) and her father, Big Dan (affectionately known as the Big Spanker) on an adventure to Southern Oregon; specifically Shady Cove, for some BIG Game Steelhead fishing on the Rogue River. The experience was one I will never forget, and one that I hope to add to again this time next year.

The Rogue is a magical and beautiful place. And after many many casts on the third day of pounding the water, I finally felt the power and exhilaration of landing one of the prized ocean run Steelhead on a Beartooth 9ft, 7WT Kingslayer! The Delektable Lime Juice and Orange Juice were effective bugs and we fished them regularly the first leg of the trip. On the second leg the Delektable JH Spanker PT, the new Delektable Purple Kaboom Stone and the Delektable Hammerhead PT were game changers. Who knew Steelhead ate Trout flies? Dan of course. The Dry Dropper rig (fishing a Delektable Chubby with two nymphs below) for shallow stretches was deadly.

None of it would have been possible without the assistance of the Fishin’ Hole Fly Shop crew and their amazing breakfasts, the lodging and hospitality of my new friend Jeff Willson (we share the same Birthday, wow), his Rhodesian Ridgeback hounds Maximas Super and Samuel and his wonderful woman Jules and her prepacked meals. Last but not least, Dan the Man, for his rowing, advice, fishing prowess, boundless patience and tenacity in helping me be indoctrinated into the group of successful Steelhead Fly Fisherman.

From Dan:

3 Weeks of rowing, casting, catching, driving and working out at the gym in Southern Oregon on the Rogue River = Total Soul Food. Forever memories made of family, friends, leaves turning colors and the warmth of Oregon in the fall. I’ll let the pictures tell the rest of the story.

From Allie:

How lucky I am to be a part of this big fishing family that takes myself and loved ones to the most incredible places! The Rogue River is my top Happy place. The warm Southern Oregon Fall, spending time with my two favorite guys, wait 3 Jeff Wilson too. And taking in the amazing journey of these epic trout from river to ocean to river again. Steelhead Camp has my most ultimate exaltation and the people who make it possible to keep this glorious fishery alive have my utter most thanks. Soul food, baby, soul food.

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