July 26th – August 8th | Madison River Fishing Report

Well it’s officially August and that means one thing around here: Grasshopper Season!! We talked about Grasshoppers last week and you can expect to hear it again next week so get used to Hopper talk around the valley. There are a few Caddis and Mayflies still kicking around along with some Nocturnal Stoneflies so keep that in mind in the mornings and evenings.

Nymphing has still been good despite all the surface action. Delektable Lil’ Spankers, Pat’s Rubberlegs, Lightning Bugs, Formerly Known as Prince, Shop Vacs, $3 Dips, Little Green Machines and Other Nymphs are all good choices. Best bet is to fish these under the hopper in the afternoon or in tandem under a bobber in the mornings and evenings. And it works without a Bobber with two Small Nymphs and a bit of weight with a tight line.

As far as Dry fly fishing goes it’s all about Terrestrials. Hoppers, Ants and Beetles have all been getting some attention from the trout. Thunder Thighs Hoppers, Panty Dropper Hoppers, Dave’s Hoppers, Parachute Hoppers, Streambank Hoppers, Morrish Hoppers, and any other Hopper pattern you believe in should do the trick. Delektable Flying Ants, Bloom’s Stealth Ant, Hippie Stompers and the Yeager’s 409 are good for the Beetles and Ants.

Streamers aren’t Grasshoppers. You’ll probably just want to fish hoppers but if you’re the kind of fella that needs to throw the big stuff I’d recommend getting up early and throwing things like Delektable Screamers, John Bond’s Dragon, Galloup’s Dungeon, Bow River Buggers or Zonkers.


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