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Beartooth Flyfishing Products

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BT Stealth Switch 3 Pc 6/7 Wt. 10 Ft.

BT Traditional Switch 3 Pc 6 Wt. 10 Ft.

BT DiamondGlass LTD 2piece 6.5 Ft 2/3 Wt

BT BurledWood Golden Shadow 4Pc 9 Ft. 5/6 Wt.

BT Burled Wood Burkheimer 4Pc 9 1/2 Ft. 5/6 Wt

BT Sage Method 4Pc 9 Ft 6" 5/6 Wt

BT Rocket Launcher 2 Pc 10 Ft 7 Wt

BT Burled Wood Sage Mod 4Pc 9 Ft 5/6 Wt

BT Master Glass 4Pc 8 Ft 4/5 Wt

BT Master Glass 3Pc 8 Ft 5/6 Wt

BT Master Glass 2Pc 7 Ft 3/4 Wt

BT Carbon Fiber Traditional 4Pc 9 Ft. 6" 5/6 Wt.

BT Sage The Mod 4 Pc 9 Ft. 4/5 Wt.

BT Sage Circa 4 Pc 8 Ft. 9" 4/5 Wt.

BT Sage The Bolt 4 Pc 9 Ft. 5/6 Wt.

BT Masterglass Clear 3Pc 7 Ft 6 In 3/4 Wt

BT Grizzly Bear 3 Pc 9 Ft 5/6 Wt

BT BurledWood Golden Shadow 2Pc 8 Ft 6" 5/6 Wt

BT Wild Thing 4 Pc

BTCarbonFiberMasterGlassGray3PC 8 Ft 4 In 7/8 Wt

BT Carbon Fiber Brown Bear 4Pc 9 Ft 7/8 Wt

BT Burled Wood Trout Bum 3Pc 8 Ft. 5/6 Wt.

Beartooth Braided Loops 50 lb. Clear 50 lb.

BT "S" Glass 3 Pc LTD Master

Amalgamated Spooled Tin Wire

Strike-Indicator Maxima/Flouro

BT Diamond Glass LTD 3 Pc

BT Switch Limited 4 Pc

Illusion Fluoro RiverRun 6Spool

BT Glass 2 Pc

BT BurledWd Rocket Launcher 4Pc

BT Burled Wood Brown Bear 4 Pc

BT Burled Wood Brown Bear 5 Pc

BT Burled Wood Grizzly Bear 4Pc

BT Burled Wood Sage VXP 4Pc

BT Burled Wood Sage One 4Pc

BT Burled Wood Sage 99 4Pc

BT Burled Wood Sage Method 4Pc

BT Burled Wood Presidential 4Pc

Illusion Fluoro RiverRun 3Spool

Illusion Fluoro RiverRun 1Spool

Chubbyness 1MM Foam

Mega Chubbyness 2MM Foam

Secret Stone 2MM Foam

Secret Stone .5MM Wing Foam

Secret Stone 1MM Strike Foam

Slammer Foam

Slammer Pullover Head Foam

BT Burled Wood Sage X 4Pc

BT Strike Indicators Rubber Ins

Strike Indicator Perma Float

BT Burled Wood Traditional 3Pc

BT Burled Wood Sage Bolt 4Pc

BT Sage The Accel 4 Pc

BT Presidential 4Pc

BT Burled Wood Sage Accel 4Pc

Perma Float Leader

Illusion Fluoro Guide Spool

BT Sage The VXP 4Pc

BT Maverick 4 Pc

BT Sage The X 4Pc

BT Maverick Black 4 Pc

BT CarbonFiberRocketLauncher4Pc

Lil' Chubby 1mm Foam

Knotless Leader Clear

Knotless Leader Olive

Illusion Fluoro Soft Bobbin

Illusion Fluoro Hard Spool

Beartuff Mono Soft Bobbin

Beartuff Mono Hard Spool

Maxima Chameleon Tippet

Maxima Ultra Green Tippet

Sinking Lead Core Leader

Sinking Lead Heads

BT Rocket Launcher 4 Pc

BT Brown Bear 4 Pc

BT Golden Shadow 2 Pc

BT Golden Shadow 4 Pc

BT Stealth 4 Pc

BT Traditional 3 Pc

BT Maverick 5 Pc

BT Maverick 3 Pc

Float Foam Strips

BT Stealth 3 Pc

BT Brown Bear 5 Pc

Laminated Foam

BT Hand-Tied Maxima Leader

BT Maxima-Fluorocarbon Leader

BT Hand-Tied Fluoro Leader

BT Strike Indicators Round

BT Strike Indicators Teardrop

Beartooth Braided Loops 27 lb.

Beartooth Braided Loops 35 lb.

BT Shocker Butt w/Loops

Delektable Perfect Yarn

BT Grizzly Bear 4 Pc

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