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BT Sage The Mod 4Pc 9 Ft 4/5 Wt

BT Sage The Mod 4Pc 9 Ft 4/5 Wt
BT Sage The Mod 4Pc 9 Ft 4/5 Wt
Manufacturer #: Beartooth Flyfishing
Item #: 19719


Just like you wouldn’t pull out your driver when you need your 7 iron, the MOD is optimized for the distances and scenarios most often encountered by the trout angler. Thoughtfully crafted with contemporary line designs, fly patterns, and angling styles in mind, the MOD is a modern interpretation of a moderate action specific for trout fisheries. Designed between the deep loading CIRCA and fast action X, the MOD excels at measured distances to the short game, delivering delicate presentations with pin-point accuracy. The MOD features all the lightweight, strength, responsiveness, and accuracy benefits of Sage's proprietary Konnetic Technology®. The blank is jade colored. Custom components can be requested with Dan for building your special custom Beartooth Rod.

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