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Windriver Roll-Top Backpack

Windriver Roll-Top Backpack
Windriver Roll-Top Backpack
Manufacturer #: Fishpond
Item #: ST-20483


FULLY SUBMERSIBLE SLING: Thunderhead: ‘a cumulonimbus cloud seen during thunderstorms.’ We skipped Latin class - went fishing instead, as should you - but we gather it is a very tall, large cloud just itching to dump massive quantities of rain on your head. And gear … we heard these things love soaking gear. Hence we developed a waterproof sling that would show contempt for these clouds with their fancy titles. It has spacious interior for everything you want dry, and a quick access exterior pocket with a water-resistant zipper. Add Hypalon tabs and D-rings for affixing tools, a slot down the back for your net, and a name that says “Come and get me you coo-moo-lowhatever!” FEATURES: -Includes one set of Lariat Gear Straps -TPU welded fabric construction -TIZIP® submersible zipper -YKK Aquaguard #8 water resistant exterior pocket -Mesh sling and back panel for increased ventilation and comfort -Large zipper opening with zippered interior accessory pocket -Integrated guide net slot -Exterior Hypalon® tabs and reinforced cord loops for tool and accessory attachment -Cyclepond recycled fabric SPECS: -2.7 lbs -24” (when rolled 3 times) x 12” x 8” -Height measures 31” when unrolled -38L max volume (2318

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