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Leland Vintage BC Sea Run MatteGrey 7/8 Wt

Leland Vintage BC Sea Run MatteGrey 7/8 Wt
Leland Vintage BC Sea Run MatteGrey 7/8 Wt
Manufacturer #: Leland Reel Company
Item #: 22716


Leland Reel Co’s Vintage Fly Reels are a throwback to the good ol’ days of fly fishing. They look more like you found them in your grand daddy’s sock drawer. Built correctly from solid bar-stock aluminum and then anodized with a special Teflon treatment, these reels are the most scratch-resistant reels on the market, but that’s not why you want one. You want it ’cause it’s cool and sounds great when you hook a fish…and that’s enough of a reason in our opinion. Finally, a lighter two-handed fly reel that looks the part… As flies like the Jock Scott and Lady Caroline remind us, the rich aesthetic of Spey fishing is just as alluring as the incredible efficiency it provides. With the British Columbia Sea Run, Leland Reel Company placed equal emphasis on appearance and performance, producing a reel that would be right at home on the rivers of Vancouver Island in Roderick Haig-Brown’s day. This uniquely-sized reel is perfectly at home on a switch or lighter Spey rod. It’s like a vintage sports car with all the contemporary materials and technology of an F-1 race car. Fully-machined and anodized with Teflon, this is one tough fly reel. The unique dimensions of this fly reel offer up large-arbor benefits, but with a classic cosmetic. Two faux agate handles not only make for easy handle grab during a fish fight, it also provides super smooth spool spin. You can adjust your preferred drag resistance with the frame-mounted, brass drag knob. Yup, it’s just a click and pawl drag, but its performance is proven and it makes the sweetest sound imaginable when your chrome trophy heads down river. This is one special two-handed reel that looks great on your favorite rod. Most importantly, your Grandfather would approve of this reel. • Weight: 9.7 oz. • Spool Width: .70? • Spool Diameter: 3.7? • Frame Diameter: 4.3? • Appropriate for mid- and long-belly lines to size 7/8, or Skagit/Scandi to 450 grains • Traditional aesthetic • Fully machined from solid, bar-stock aluminum • Teflon anodized • Time-honored click-pawl drag • Easy left-to-right retrieve conversion • Solid brass components • Agatine handles • Brass-zippered, padded leather case

Inventory Status: Available

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