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Specials Fly Rods, Reels, Lines

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CL 444 Lazerline DT Floating Slate Gray DT8F

CL 333+WF Strike Indicator Line Indicator WF6F

CL Fairplay Rocket Taper Tan WF7F

Red Fly Spey Rod with case 7/8 Wt 12'6"

Climax Tropical Ghost Tip Line 100'9FtClear WF9F/I

Precision Quick Descent 24-250 BlkTip/Orange 7/8/9Wt-250GR

Precision Quick Descent 24-300 BlkTip/Yellow 8/9/10Wt-300GR

Precision Quick Descent 24-200 BlkTip/OliveGR 6/7/8Wt-200GR

TFO Deer Creek Switch Rod 11'0" 6wt.

Precision Stillwater Ghost Tip

Denny Rickards ClearCamo 7'Tip

PrecisonDyna-Tip WesternDrifter

444 Whisper Taper

CL 444 Clear Creek Taper

CL 444 FloatingShooting Taper

CL 444 Intermediate RocketTaper

CL 444 Int. Shooting Taper

CL 444SL Floating Rocket Taper

CL Sliver Stream Rocket Taper

RIO Gold Fly Line

Precision Trout Boss Dyna-Tip

Switch Fly Line

UniSpey Floating Fly Line

Big Sky Series 4Pc

Big Sky Salt 4Pc

555 Dyna-Tip Convertible

Precision Tropic Plus Line

Lazerline Rocket Taper

RIO In Touch Perception

Redington Drift Reel

PrecisionSalmon/Steelhead D/Tip

RIO 15 Ft. Type 6 Sink Tip Line

RIO 24 Ft. Sink Tip Line

TFO TiCr X 4Pc Fly Rod

TFO Professional 4Pc Fly Rod

TFO Professional 6Pc Fly Rod

Redington Surge Reels

RIO In Touch Gold Fly Line

RIO In Touch Deep 3 Fly Line

Precision Omni-Verse Line

Precison Taper TriColor Spey

Redington AL Reel

Redington AL spare spool

Redington AS Spare Spool

Travel Rod Outfit 4Pc

444 Clear SL

444SL Type 6 Sink Tip

444SL Steelhead#5 30Ft.Sink Tip

Drift Click and Pawl Reel

Precision Platinum Dyna-Tip

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