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Wading Boots Footwear & Accessories

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Simms Replacement Laces Pewter

Mini Gear KeeperII Wading Staff

Hardbite Stud Felt 20 Puck

Stripping Basket

Wading Suspenders Black

Simms Gravel Guards Charcoal OSFM

Hardbite Star Cleat 10 Puck

Hardbite Stud Vibram 20 Pack

Tippet Tender Pocket Greystone

Carbide Spikes with Washers 40Pk 7mm

Triple Threat Aluminum Hex Disc 40Pk

Zipit II Flats Bootie LightGrey 13

Simms Goretex Repair Kit

Teton Adjustable Wading Staff

Savier Sole Bag Black

Simms Wading Staff Black

Simms Tippet Tender Pocket Carbon

Triple Threat Carbide Spike Kit 40Pk

G4 Pro Alumibite Cleat 10pk

Buckskin Fishing Boot Felt/Kling-On 10

Omnitrax Sole Assist Key

Studded Felt Re-Sole Kit

Backsaver Wading Belt Black 30"-46"

OmniTrax v3.0 Plain Felt Sole

OmniTrax v3.0 Studded Felt Sole

OmniTrax v3.0 Studded Kling-On

Redside Fishing Boot

Omnitrax v3.0 Kling-On Sole

Devil's Canyon Fishing Boot

Simms Rock Creek Boot Felt

OmniTrax v3.0 Studded Rubber

OmniTrax v3.0 AlumaTrax Sole

Omnitrax vIIStudded Rubber Sole

Omnitrax vII Boat Deck Sole

Omnitrax vII Golf Sole

Omnitrax vII Studded Felt Sole

Omnitrax vII Plain Felt Sole

Skagit II River Boot Felt

W's Willow River Boot Felt

Greenback Fishing Boot

Darkhorse Fishing Boot

BOA M2 Replacement Kit

Riprap Sandal Felt

BOA M3 Replacement Kit

OmniTrax v3.0 Triple Threat

Triple Threat Aluminum Bars


W's Vaportread Boot Felt Sale

Right AngleĀ® Wading Boot Insert

Guide Guard Socks

W's Guide Guard Socks


I-Drain Neoprene Guard Sock

Goat Head Sole Spikes

Riprap Shoe Rubber Sole

M2 Boa Field Repair Kit

M3 Boa Field Repair Kit

G4 Boa Replacement Kit

W's Darkhorse Fishing Boot

Flyweight Wading Boot Vibram

Tributary Boot Rubber Sole

M's Neoprene Wading Socks

W's Buckskin Mary Fishing Boot

OmniTrax v3.0 Triple Threat CS

I-Drain Neoprene Wading Sock

M's Tributary Boot Rubber Sole

Korkers Replacement Laces

M's Confluence Sandal Sale

M's Flyweight Wet Wading Sock

Blue Ribbon Nets Wading Staff

Folstaf Wading Staff

Omnitrax v3.0 Vibram IdroGrip

Omnitrax vI Studded Felt Sole

OmnitraxvII Kling-On Rubber

OmnitraxvII Kling-On Studded

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