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Larry Platero Sugulite Necklace

Orville White Stamped Silv Brac Large

C Vanderveer Wire Bracelet

Payewena Bear Silver Bracelet

Navajo Silver/Turq BeadNecklace 27"

Sterling Silver Chain Necklace 925Sterling 24"

C Chama Silver/Turq Pendant

VJB Zuni Pin

Navajo Sterling Necklace 22"

Navajo Silver/Turquoise Pendant

Carved Buffalo Bone Pendant EagleWolfBear

Liquid Silver Necklace 10Strand

Navajo Turq/Onyx/Silv Necklace 20"

Navajo Benchmade SilverNecklace 29"

P Valencia Onyx Earrings

Hopi Kokopelli Silver Earrings 7/10"Diameter

Hopi Bear Claw Earrings 6/10"Diameter

Navajo Black Onyx Earrings

LEX Six Hex Dangle Earrings

DLF Malachite Earrings

TK Inlay Earrings

D Martinez Inlay Earrings

Copper/Blue Rectangle Earrings

Spiny Turquoise Heichi Necklace 32"

C Little Turq/Agate Necklace 28"

S Begay/C Little Pend&Necklace

S Begay/C Little Bear&Necklace

C Little Turquoise Necklace 20"

C Little Turq/Coral 3 Strand

C Little Turq/Amethyst Necklace

C Little Turq/Tigers Eye

S Begay/C Little Necklace Set

C Little Turq/Jasper Necklace

R Little/C Little Necklace Set

C Little Jasper/Turq Necklace

C Little Gaspeite Necklace

B Riggs/C Little Necklace Set

R Little/C Little Inlay Set

S Begay/C Little set w/Pendant

S Begay/C Little Lapis Necklace

Zuni Inlay Pendant & Necklace

L Zek Turq/Silver Necklace

O Begay Squash Blossom

Rectangle Inlay Dangle Earrings

Dangle Earrings with Stones

Vintage Sterling 3 Feather

Navajo Wide Sterling Hoops 1" X 1 3/4"

Lapis Sterling Fan Earrings

Hopi Sterling Round Posts

Sterling Rectangles

TJ Sterling Dangle Earrings

Vintage Silver Onyx Bracelet

Navajo Turquoise Cuff Bracelet

M Smith 2 Design Bracelet

J N Silver Stamped Design Cuff

A Cleveland Spiderweb Turquoise

O Moses Turquoise Bracelet

Navajo Gold Wash Sunface DangleEarring 1 3/4"

Zuni Turquoise Inlay Half Hoop Earring 3/4"

Navajo Channel Inlay Post Earring 3/4"

Navajo Feather Post Earrings Coral&Turquoise 2 1/4"

Masha Turquoise Inlay Post Earrings 1"

Navajo Sterling Feather Post Earrings 1 1/2"

Navajo Azurite & Malachite Post Earrings 1"

Navajo Malachite Post Earrings 3/4"

Navajo Mosaic Channel Inlay PostEarrings 1 1/4"

James Shey Turquoise/Feather Earrings 2 1/4"

Navajo Turquoise Post Earrings 3/4"

Jessie Claw Turquoise Post Earrings 1"

Amanda Tahe Cylinder Post Earrings 1 1/4"

Navajo Turquoise/Feather Post Earrings 2 3/4"

Amy Amesole Zuni Post Earrings .6"

Zuni Multi-Stone Inlay Post Earrings 1/2"

Navajo Big Sterling Feather PostEarrings 2 1/4"

Thelma Yazzie Turquoise Post Earrings 3/4"

Lenora Garcia Gaspeite Earrings 1 1/2"

Large Bear Inlay Pendant 4 1/2"X 3 1/4"

Big Bear Inlay Pendant 3 1/2"X 2 3/4"

Extra Small Bear Inlay Pendant6 1 1/2"X 1 1/4"

Extra Small Bear Inlay Pendant7 1 1/2"X 1 1/4"

Zuni Bear Paw Inlay Pendant 2" X 1 1/2"

Eagle Head Inlay Pendant 1 1/4"X1 1/4"

Extra Small Bear Inlay Pendant 1 1/3" X 1"

Small Bear Inlay Pendant 3 2" X 1 1/2"

Small Bear Inlay Pendant 4 2 1/4"X1 1/2"

Extra Small Bear Inlay Pendant2 1 1/3" X 1 1/4"

Small Bear Inlay Pendant 5 2" X 1 1/2"

Sterling Silver 8MM Necklace 19"

Kay Johnson Turquoise Pendant 2 3/4" X 1 3/4"

Gold & Silver Cuff Bracelet 3/4"Wide

Sterling & Turquoise Bracelet Cuff 1 1/2"Wide

Nickel Silver & Turquoise Cuff Bracelet 2"Wide

Navajo Sterling Cuff Bracelet 1 1/4"Wide

Jason & Pearl Ukestine Cuff Bracelet 1/2"Wide

Silver & Gold Cuff Bracelet 3/4"Wide

Sterling Cuff Bracelet

Gene Nataan Sterling Cuff Bracelet .67"Wide

Small Bear Inlay Pendant 6 2" X 1 1/2"

Extra Small Bear Inlay Pendant3 1 1/2" X 1 1/4"

Extra Small Bear Inlay Pendant4 1 1/2" X 1 1/4"

Kay Johnson Turquoise Pendant 2 2 1/2" X 2"

Zuni Celestial Inlay Cuff Bracelet 3/4"Wide

White Buffalo Flower Cuff Bracelet 1"Wide

White Buffalo Sterling Cuff Bracelet 2/3"Wide

Ophelia Moses Flower Cuff Bracelet 1"Wide

Sterling Silver Omega 4MM Necklace 18"

Roger Skeet Buck Cuff Bracelet 1 1/2"Wide

Albert Cleveland Cuff Bracelet 1 1/3"Wide

Roger Skeet Buck Cuff 2 Bracelet 1 1/2"Wide

Steve Francisco Cuff Bracelet 1 1/4"Wide

Alex Sanchez Coral Cuff Bracelet 1 1/8"Wide

Navaho White Buffalo Cuff Bracelet 1 1/2"Wide

Gerald Mitchell Cuff Bracelet 2 3/4"Wide

Ophelia Moses Flower Cuff 2 Bracelet 1 3/4"Wide

Small Bear Inlay Pendant 7 2 1/4"X1 1/2"

Extra Small Bear Inlay Pendant5 1 1/2" X 1 1/4"

Sterling Silver Curb 8.5MM Chain 20"

Medium Bear Inlay Pendant 2 1/3" X 1 1/2"

Small Bear Inlay Pendant 8 1 8/10"X1 1/4"

Kay Johnson Magenta Pendant 1 3/4" X 1 1/4"

Ashley Laate Turquoise Earrings Post 1 1/16"

Ella Cowboy Inlay Posts 1"

Ricky Reecer Dangle Earrings 1 3/4"Long

Zuni Channel Inlay Earrings Post 2/3"

Petite Zuni Dangle Post Earrings 1 1/4"Long

Navajo Feather Post Earrings 1 1/4"Long

Navajo Sterling Dangle 1 1/3"Long

Petite Zuni Inlay Post 1/2"

Robert Becenti Turquoise Post Earrings 3/4"

Frank Yazzie Channel Inlay Dangle 2"Long

Navajo Turquoise Inlay Post Earrings 1"Long

Hinged Sterling & Turquoise PostEarrings 1 1/2"Long

Petite Navajo Dangle Earrings 1 3/4"Long

Navajo Liquid Silver Dangle Earrings 2 1/2"Long

Hopi Paw with Feather Post Earrings 3"Long

Navajo Pottery & Feather Dangle Earrings 2 1/2"Long

Navajo Onyx & Feather Earrings Post 3"Long

Navajo Spiny Oyster & Feathers PostEarrings 2"Long

Hopi Paw with Malachite Post Earrings 2 3/4" Long

Navajo Sleeping Beauty Post Earrings 3/4"Long

Navajo Flower & Leaf Post Earrings 1 1/4"Long

Petite Navajo Channel Inlay PostEarrings 1 1/2"Long

James Shey Gaspeite Dangle Earrings 1 1/2"Long

Marvin Arviso Feather Dangle Earrings 2"Long

Freddie Barney Feather Inlay Dangle 1 3/4"Long

Matrix Turquoise Dangle Earrings 1 1/2"Long

Graduated Ball Drop Post Earrings 1"Long

Paul Davis Onyx Post Earrings 1 1/2"Long

Navajo Sterling Feather PostEarrings 1 1/2"Long

Cowgirl Hat and Boots Dangle Earrings 2"Long

Liquid Sterling & Turquoise Necklace 18 1/2"Long

Multi-Stone Channel Inlay Dangle 2"Long

Irene Pine Inlay Post Earrings 1"Diameter

Irene Pine Turquoise Inlay Post Earrings 1"Diameter

Vintage Kingman Turquoise Post Earrings 3/4"Long

Petite Zuni Turquoise Post Earrings 1"Long

Running Bear Turquoise Post Earrings 1"Long

Diamond Shaped Turquoise Inlay PostEarrings 1"Long

Sterling w/ Turquoise Clusters PostEarrings 3/4"

Navajo Mult-stone Dangle Earrings 2 1/4"Long

Navajo Shield & Feather Dangle Earrings 2 1/4"Long

Lapis and Gaspeite Dangle Earrings 2 1/2"Long

Sterling Beaded Inlay Cross PostEarrings 1"Long

Stunning Blue Turquoise Dangle Earrings 1 3/4"Long

Rectangle Block Turquoise DangleEarrings 2"Long

Sterling & Turquoise Feather DangleEarrings 1 1/4"Long

Jeff Largo Sterling Bear Dangle Earrings 2"Long

Vintage Sterling & Turquoise DangleEarrings 1 3/4"Long

Delores Peina Turquoise Post Earrings 1/2"

Leander Nez Turquoise Dangle Earrings 1 1/2"Long

Harrison Begay Dangle Earrings 2 1/2"Long

Mary Yazzie Sterling Dangle Earrings 2 1/4"Long

Amy Locaspino Turquoise Post Earrings 3/4"

Alpaca Sterling Fish Dangle Earrings 2 1/2"Long

Vintage Boney Fish Dangle Post Earrings 2 1/4"Long

Sterling Silver Fish Dangle Earrings 2 1/4"Long

Turquoise Heart Pendant & Chain 18"Long

Unique Navajo Chandelier Dangle Earrings 4 1/4"Long

Black Onyx Teardrop Post Earrings 1"Long

P. A. Smith Turquoise Pendant 1 3/4"Long

Vintage Heishi w/ Disc Beads Necklace 18"Long

P. A. Smith Turquoise Post Earrings .8"Long

Navajo Silver w/Coral Concho PostEarrings 1 3/4"Long

Navajo Silver w/Coral Post Earrings 1"

Sterling w/ Turquoise Post Earrings 1 3/4"Long

Rhonda Largo Hand Stamped DangleEarrings 2 3/4"Long

Ellibit Engraved Silver Post Earrings 1.2"

Tonya Willie Sterling Dangle Earrings 2 1/4"Long

Navajo Sterling with Agate Post Earrings 1 1/2"Long

Tonya Willie Tribal Design DangleEarrings 2 1/4"Long

Navajo Sterling w/ Geccos PostEarrings 3/4"

Navajo Hammered Silver Post Earrings 3/4"

Basket Full of Feathers Post Earrings 1 1/4"Long

Howling Wolf w/Inlays Dangle Earrings 2"Long

Royston Ribbon Turquoise Post Earrings 3/4"

"E M T" Royston Turquoise Post Earrings 1 1/4"Long

Boulder Turquoise Post Earrings 1"

Boulder Turquoise & Silver Post Earrings 1"

Channel Inlay Post Earrings 1 1/2"Long

Jameson Pete Mohave Kingman DangleEarrings 1 3/4"

Navajo Jet Spiney Turquoise PostEarrings 1 3/4"

Navajo Storyteller Post Earrings 1 1/2"

Zuni Chandelier Dangle Earrings 3 1/4"

Navajo Geometric Inlay Silver PostEarrings 1 1/2"

Navajo Turquoise w/Feather Post Earrings 2"

Steve Francisco White Buffalo DangleEarrings 1 3/4"

Arnold Yazzie White Buffalo DangleEarrings 1 1/2"

Melvin Chee Inlayed Coral PostEarrings 3/4"

Steve Francisco Gaspeite Necklace 18 1/4"

Cons Eploose Gaspeite Post Earrings 3/4"

Navajo Multi-stone Hoop Post Earrings 3/4"

Navajo Sugilite Post Earrings 1.2"

Navajo Coin Silver Pink Coral DangleEarrings 2"Long

Coin Silver Turquoise Dangle Earrings 2 1/4"Long

Coin Silver White Buffalo DangleEarrings 2"Long

Navajo Howling Coyotes Dangle Earrings 1 1/2"Long

Zuni Turquoise Flower Post Earrings 1"

Jameson Pete Kingman Turquoise DangleEarrings 2"Long

Vintage Matrix Turquiose Post Earrings 1 1/4"

Zuni Turquoise Inlay Post Earrings 1 3/4"

Navajo Petite Turquoise Post Earrings 1/2"

Navajo Nugget Turquoise Post Earrings 1/2"

Navajo Malachite/Azurite Post Earrings 3/4"

Navajo Sterling Classic Rose PostEarrings 1/2"

Navajo Opal Inlayed Post Earrings 1/2"

Robert Becenti Blue Denim Lapis PostEarrings 1 3/4"Long

Navajo Sterling Feather Dangle Earrings 1 3/4"

Navajo Sterling&Turquoise Post Earrings .6"

Petite Turquoise&Sterling Post Earrings 1/3"

Stunning Navajo Hoop Post Earrings 3/4"

Navajo Silver Rope Hoop Post Earrings .6"

Sterling Bears & Feathers Post Earrings 1 3/4"

Zuni Opal Channel Hoop Post Earrings .8"

Black Onyx, Turquoise, Coral PostEarrings 1 3/4"

Vintage Navajo Turquoise Post Earrings 1/2"

Turquoise Inlayed Post Earrings 1 1/2"

Petite Turquoise Post Earrings 1/4"

Zuni Coral and Turquoise Post Earrings 1/4"

Navajo Vintage Turquoise Post Earrings 1/4"

T Wilson Halfmoon Turquoise PostEarrings 1"

Amazing Turquoise Post Earrings 3/4"

Sleeping Beauty Shadow Boxed PostEarrings .8"

Steve Francisco Spiney Osyter Pendant 1 3/4"

French Hook Kingman Turquoise DangleEarrings 2 3/4"

Conch and Black Onyx Post Earrings 1 3/4"

Rainbow Calsilica Stone Post Earrings 1"

Turquoise Concho Post Earrings 1"

Navajo Coral with Feather Post Earrings 2"

Navajo Stunning Coral Post Earrings 2"

Navajo Turquoise Hearts Post Earrings 2 3/4"

Navajo Pink Rhodochrosite Set

Navajo Mother of Pearl Flower DangleEarrings 1 3/4"

Zuni Petite Red Coral Post Earrings 3/4"

Vintage Turquoise Navajo Post Earrings 3/4"

Silver with Turquoise Vintage PostEarrings 1 1/2"

Turquoise with Stamped Cross PostEarrings 1 1/2"

Turquoise and Feather Concho PostEarrings 2"

Bear Fetish Dangle Earrings 1 1/2"

Navajo Feather Dangle Earrings 2"

Navajo Feather & Turquoise Bracelet 6 1/2"Wrist

Roderick Tenorio Inlay Bracelet 6 3/4"

Navajo Gaspeite Turtles Dangle Earrings 1"

Tom Bahe Belt Buckle 3" X 2 1/2"

Navajo Silver Cuff Bracelet 1.2"Wide

Bill Mex Dineh Necklace 25"Length

Concho Leather Belt 52 1/2"

Copper Bell Cuff Bracelet 1 1/8"Wide

D. Ashley Bisbee Bracelet .4" Wide

Navajo Feather Bracelet .8"Wide

Paul Davisand Gaspeite Post Earrings 1 1/2"Long

Navajo Sterling Twisted Bracelet .8"Wide

Zuni Multi-Stone Inlay Flower PostEarrings 3/4"

Victoria Yamutewa Jewelry Set

Loyolita Tsattie Handcarved Bracelet 1/2"Wide

Ray Jack Bracelet 1/2"Wide

Multi-Stone Inlay Dangle Earrings 1 3/4"Long

Conchos with Multi-Stone Inlay PostEarrings 1 1/4"

H. Smith Channel Bracelet .6"Wide

Johnson Yazzie Bracelet 1"Wide

Dewa Inlay Pendant Necklace 1 1/2"

Navajo Onyx Silver Turquoise PostEarrings 1 1/4"

Navajo Blue Gem Turquoise Bracelet 3/4"Wide

Arnold Blackgoat Turquoise Bracelet 3/4"Wide

Paul Davis Sugulite Post Earrings 1 3/4"Long

Navajo Sterling Kokopelli Post Earrings .4"

Navajo Sterling Spirit Bear PostEarrings 1/2"

Navajo Sterling Concho Post Earrings .4"

Navajo Sterling Classic Post Earrings .4"

Navajo Sterling Silver Feather Bracelet

Tommy Singer Sterling Bracelet 1/2"

Boulder Ribbon Turquoise DangleEarrings 1 1/2"

Boulder Ribbon TurquoisePendant Necklace 18"

Boulder Ribbon Turquoise Stone Bracelet 3/4"Wide

Sterling Silver Woven Bracelet 3/4"

Navajo Sterling Silver Chain LinkNecklace 18"

Malachite & Black Onyx Post Earrings 1"

Navajo Sterling Shadow Box PostEarrings .8"

Navajo Gaspeite Post Earrings 1 3/4"

Zuni Zig Zag Inlay Bracelet 1/2"Wide

Zuni Sterling Inlay Bracelet

Pink and Blue Lapis Inlay Bracelet 1/2"Wide

Navajo Sterling Cast Bracelet 1/2"Wide

Navajo Heart Inlay Post Earrings 1"

Navajo Hearts and Dangles Post Earrings 1 3/4"

Royston Ribbon BoulderTurquoise DangleEarrings 1 1/4"

Roy Vandever Blue Gem Bracelet

Jameson Pete Lapis Dangle Earrings 1 3/4"

C Little 3 Strand Navajo Stone Necklace 24"+27"

C Little 3 Strand Nevada Necklace 24"+24"

Mike Platero Jewelry Set

Zuni Multi-Inlay Post Earrings 3/4"

Navajo Sterling Stamped Dangle Earrings 3"Long

Northwest Tlingit Tribal Hoop PostEarrings 5"

Zuni Sterling Inlay Post Earrings 3/4"

Navajo Large Turquoise Post Earrings 1"

Navajo Kingman Turquoise Dangle Earrings 1 3/4"

Tom Hawk Sterling Bracelet 3/4"Wide

Navajo Silver & Amethyst Bracelet 1/2"Wide

Navajo Sterling Shadow Box Post Earrings 1/2"

Chimney Butte Bloodstone Pendant 2 1/2"

Hopi Sterling Multi-Inlay DangleEarrings 2"

Navajo Coral & Spider Web DangleEarrings 1"

Rising Sun Silver & Turquoise Necklace 20.5"

Navajo Coral & Turquoise Post Earrings 1"

Navajo Sterling & Onyx Feather DangleEarrings 3"

Virgil Reeder Sterling Post Earrings 1"

Navajo Sterling Yei Dancer PostEarrings 1 3/4"

Navajo Heart Line Bear PostEarrings 1 1/4"

Heart Line Bear Post Earrings 3/4"

Effie Calavaza Snake Eyed Post Earrings 3/4"

Zuni Sun God Clip On Earrings 3/4"

Navajo Sterling & Turquoise Necklace 17 1/2"

Large Brite Blue Turquoise Post Earrings 1"

Navajo Rose Colored Quartz Necklace 16.5" or 19"

Sterling Heartline Bear Post Earrings 1"

Navajo Liquid Sterling Dangle Earrings 2 1/2"

Navajo Sterling Petite Coral PostEarrings 1/3"

Big Navajo Sterling Feathers PostEarrings 2"

Navajo Twisted Rope Sterling Bracelet 3/4"Wide

Zuni Inlay Post Earrings 1"

Rudy Willie Sterling Stamped PostEarrings 1"

Zuni Needle Point Turquoise PostEarrings 1 1/4"

Zuni Sun Face Inlays Dangle Earrings 1 3/4"

Earlene Bowannie Inlay Bracelet 1/2"Wide

Navajo Men's Double Chain Bracelet 1/4"

Zuni Chunky Turquoise Clip On Earrings .8"

Zuni Coral & Turquoise Post Earrings 3/4"

Myra Nastacio Petite Turquoise Bracelet 1/2"Wide

Hopi Sterling Silver Kokopelli PostEarrings 1"

Turquoise Navajo Post Earrings 3/4"

Navajo Concho Bear Paw DangleEarrings 1 1/2"

Konin Kachina Silver Post Earrings 1 1/4"

Garrison Boyde Turquoise Post Earrings 3/4"

Zuni Sterling and Inlay Post Earrings 2"

Zuni Silver and Inlay Post Earrings 1 1/4"

Milton Lee Turquoise Post Earrings .8"

Carolyn Pollack Sterling Inlay Bracelet 3/4"Wide

Carolyn Pollack Multi-Stone PostEarrings 28/32"

Carolyn Pollack Stone Necklace 17"-21"

Carolyn Pollack Relios DangleEarrings 1 1/2"

Carolyn Pollack Silver Angels Dangle Earrings 1 1/2"

Navajo Royston Turquoise DangleEarrings 1 1/4"

Navajo Kingman Turquoise PostEarrings 20/32"

Thomas Charley Sterling Bracelet 1" X 6 1/2"

Zuni Sunface Kachina PostEarrings 1 3/4"

Zuni Sunface Kachina Pendant 1 1/4"

Zuni Butterfly Sterling PostEarrings 1/2"

Verdel Niiha Sunface Kachina Pendant 1"

James Francisco Turquoise PostEarrings 3/4"

Steve Francisco Blue/Green Turq PostEarrings 1"

Navajo Sterling Concho/Feather PostEarrings

Carolyn Pollack Relios Bench Necklace 18"or22"

Carolyn Pollack Rose Flower Necklace 14 1/4"to18"

Carolyn Pollack Relios Rose Pendant 14 1/2"to18"

Navajo Snowflake & Obsidian Necklace 19 1/8"

Navajo Nugget Turquoise Necklace 23"

Rose Quartz and Green Turquoise BeadNecklace 17.5"-19.75"

Navajo 3 Strand Pearl Necklace 17"

Zuni Sterling w/Inlay Bracelet 1/3"X 6 1/2"

Roie Jaque Turquoise Cuff Bracelet 3/4"X 6 1/2"

Dan Dodson Turquoise Heart Pendant 1 3/4"

Navajo Silver Mosaic Feathers PostEarrings 2"

Zuni Snake Eye Needlepoint Turq ClipEarrings 1"

Zuni Kachina Sunface Clip Earrings 1 1/2"

Navajo Solid Sterling Choker Necklace Adjustable

Navajo 3 1/4" Sterling PostEarrings

Navajo Sleeping Beauty Nugget Necklace 27"

Navajo Sterling Stamped Bracelet 1/4" X 6"

Sara Platero Turquoise ClipEarrings 1 1/4"

Roie Jaque Sleeping Beauty PostEarrings 1/2"

Navajo Heavy Copper Bracelet 8"

Navajo Turquoise Kokopelli Necklace 17"

Navajo Silver & Turquoise PostEarrings 1/3"

Navajo Spiderweb Turquoise PostEarrings 1/2"

Navajo Large Sterling&Inlay PostEarrings 2 3/4"

Navajo Black Onyx PostEarrings 1/2"

Roie Jaque Blue Turquoise PostEarrings 3/4"

Navajo Beaded Necklace 21"

Navajo Black Onyx & Turquoise Necklace 20"

Santo Domingo Slab Turquoise DangleEarrings 2 1/4"

Santo Domingo Turquoise Slab DangleEarrings 2 1/4"

Sterling Silver Rose PostEarrings 3/4"

Sterling Silver Rose w/Stamping PostEarrings 3/4"

Navajo Princess Turquoise PostEarrings 1/4"

Navajo Copper Stamped Bracelet 6 3/4"-7" 7/8"Wide

Navajo Silver Spiny Oyster PostEarrings 1 1/8"

Navajo Large Sterling Concho PostEarrings 2 1/4"

Navajo Silver & Blue/Green Turq PostEarrings 1"

Zuni Silver w/Turq Inlay PostEarrings 1/2"

Milton Lee Blue Turquoise PostEarrings 1"

Carolyn Pollack Relios Turq PostEarrings 8/10"

Carolyn Pollack Relios Angel Pendant/Pin 1.8"

Navajo Necklace Beaded 24"

Navajo Green Turquoise Nuggets Necklace 18"

Navajo Green Turquoise Beads Necklace 21"

Navajo Black Onyx & Feathers Necklace 18"

Elaine Tahe Copper Bracelet 5/8"Wide 6" to 6 1/2"

Navajo Copper & Turquoise Bracelet 6" to 6 1/2"

Navajo Handmade Beaded KeyRing 6 1/2"

Navajo Handmade Bead & Leather KeyRing 6 1/2"

Navajo Buffalo Nickel MoneyClip 1 3/4"

Zuni Sun Gold Sterling KeyRing 2"

8MM Blue Turquoise Beaded Necklace 24"

10MM Blue Turquoise Beaded Necklace 18"

Zuni Sterling with Inlays DangleEarrings 1"

Navajo Sleeping Beauty & Silver PostEarrings 1/2"

Navajo Liquid Sterling Silver DangleEarrings 2 1/4"

Navajo Silver & Sleeping Beauty PostEarrings 1/4"

Zuni Sunface with Inlays Pendant/Pin 1 1/2"

Zuni Thunderbird with Inlays Brooch 1 1/2"

Santo Domingo Indian Turquoise DangleEarrings 2"

Navajo Sterling and Turquoise Necklace 22"

Navajo Three Stone PostEarrings 1/2"

Navajo Three Stone Pendant Necklace 18"

Sterling 4MM Glitter Snake Necklace 20"

Sterling 9MM Herringbone Necklace 18"

Sterling Milor 3MM Twisted Necklace 20"

Sterling 3MM Zig Zag Flat Necklace 18"

Sterling 3MM Twisted Snake Necklace 18"

Sterling 2MM Woven Omega Necklace 18"

Running Horse Pin

Deborah Lash Sterling Bears 1/2" x 7/8"

Deborah Lash Turquois Dangles 1 3/4"x1/2"

Deborah Lash Feather Necklace Buffalo Bone 20"

H.C. Co. Fish Pin Brooch 2 3/4"X1/2"

Katheryn Qualo Turquois Posts Zuni 3/16"

Geneva Chuyate Turquois Posts Zuni 3/8" x 7/16"

Roselene Joe Turquois Posts Zuni 3/8" x 5/16"

Marvin Arviso Feather Dangles Sterling 1 1/8"x3/16"

Hazel Pablito Turquois Posts Zuni 5/16"x5/15"

Delores Cadman Turquois Posts Navajo 5/8" x 1/2"

Marvin Arviso's Feather Dangles Sterling 1 3/4"x1/4"

Rebecca Lalio Turquois Posts Zuni 7/16"x3/16"

Vern Pincion Blue Opal Posts Zuni 1/4" x 1/4"

Cyrus Lutse Turquois Posts Zuni 5/16"x5/16"

Marvin Arviso Sterling Turquois Navajo 1 1/4"x5/16"

Dustin Bobelu Turquois Posts Zuni 1/4" x 1/2"

A. Spencer Turquois Inlay Posts 3/8" x 1/4"

Angie Rosetta Turquois Posts 3/16"x1/4"

Sterling w/Blue Opal Posts 1/2" x 1/4"

Sterling w/Turquoise Posts 1/2" x 3/8"

Handmade Sterling Fish Dangles Sterling 1 1/4"x1/4"

Single Strand Turquoise w/Disc

Turquoise w/Black&Coral Choker 16"

Fire Opal & Turquoise Choker 15"

Joe Josytewa Hopi Fish FishPin/Pend

Turquoise Pendant(W.Vanderveer) Tyrone Turq

Running Horse Charm/Pendant Sterling 1"

Clement Honie White Tail Pin

Clement Honie Mule Deer Pin

Sterling Chandelier Earrings Sterling 2"

Animal Fetish Turquoise Earings Turquoise 1 1/2"

David Tune Inlay Pendant

Running Buck Pin w Turquoise

Orville White Silver Earrings

Dog (Lab) Pendant

Sterling Concho Style Earring

Ceramic Mug Sundell Art

C Little Multi-Stone Necklace

NEZ Sterling Oval Posts

Gold Hook Brooch Pin

Deborah Lash Sterling Dangles

Black Bear Pendant

Baby Black Bear Earrings

Baby Buffalo Earrings

Baby Buffalo Pendant

Royal Bull Elk Pendant

Baby Moose Pendant

Horse Pendant

Trout Pendant

Baby Trout Earrings

Baby Trout Tie Tack

Trout Tie Tack

Lola Daw Handmade Silver

Byzantine Silver Necklace

Italian Silver Omega Necklace

T Natachu Inlay Bracelet

Jeanne's Delektable Dangles

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