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Galvan Spey Weight Kit

Galvan Spey Weight Kit
Galvan Spey Weight Kit
Manufacturer #: Galvan Fly Reels, Inc.
Item #: 15586


The Galvan Spey Weight is a 1 ounce brass washer that fits into the spool of Galvan Torque and Rush 8-12 wt reels, allowing the angler to increase the weight of the reel by either one or two ounces to balance Spey and switch rods easily. A rubber gasket is recessed into a groove in the washer’s hole ensures a snug fit on the spindle. A threaded hole in each weight allows for easy removal of the weights from a reel using the included weight removal tool. (See instructions here) Galvan Spey Weights come in a pack of two weights that includes the weight removal tool.

Inventory Status: Available

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