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Tying Synthetic Materials

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Velvet Tubing Chartreuse

Silicone Legs Speckled Red/MF Std Size

Rainbow Brass Cones 1/4"6.33MM

Rainbow Hued Plummeting TungBds 7/64 2.8MM

Pseudo Herl 1/2" Tan

Midge-Bodi Olive

Mini Flex-Floss Purple

Mega Baitfish Emulator Flash Pearl

Dyed Pearl Flashabou Olive

Purple Haze Holographic Flash

Flashabou Dyed Pearl Olive/Pearl

Poly Stoner Belly Orange 3Yards

Fuchsia Haze

Flashabou Accent Olive/Pearl

Craft Fur Grizzly Barred 4.5"X4.5"

Craft Fur Barred Red Squirrel 4.5"X4.5"

Craft Fur Sculpin Olive Barred Black&White 4.5"X4.5"

Blue Damsel Braid 4 ft

EP Sparkle Brush BlackPurple 3"

Hare'e Wiggle Dub Rust

Brown Stone Belly Yarn 5 Yds

UV2 Seal-X Dubbing Purple

Super Bright Dubbing FlPink

Enhancer Hank White

Barred Magnum Flashabou Pink/Black

Holographic Silver Winging 3/32"

Holographic Gold Winging 3/32"

Holographic Red Winging 3/32"

Holographic Green Winging 3/32"

Holographic Purple Winging

Flashabou Saltwater Mirage Opal 1/16"

Chernobyl After Glow Fiber

Tactical Slotted Tungsten Beads MottledOlive 7/32 5.5mm

Double Pupil Lead Eyes BlackwYel/Blk Large

Mini Squiggle Worms Red

Fish-Skull Fish Mask #7 (1-2/0)

Oval Pupil 3D Eyes SuperPearl/Black 1/4"

FNF Squirmy Worm EarthWormBrown

Micro Barred Voodoo Fibers BlackBarTan

X-Large E-Z Body Tubing Pearl

High Sparkle Fibers PinkLavender

Stretch Cord Grey Small

MFC Wing Material Plain Plain Web

Otter's Soft Egg Veil Material White

Sculpin Wool YF Tan

Square Gold Bead Heads Gold 14-16

UV Estaz Olive

Micro Chenille Pink

Body Tubing Chart/Pearl X-Large

Fly Propellers Gold Medium

Midge Mirage Opal

Scintilla Fly-Buoy Body Foam Green

Buggy Yarn Gray/Black

Variegated Tinsel Chenille Brown/Copper Medium

Striped Chenille DkBrown/Blk Medium

Extra Fine Chenille Pink Extra Fine

Perfect Popper-Hard Foam W/Hook White w/hook 2/0

Adult Damsel Eyes Red

Nymph Eyes Gold Micro

Fly Film Mottled HopperYellow

T.N.T. Hopper Legs Brown

Borden's Hare-Tron

Caucci/Nastasi Spectrumized Fur

Jack's Unseal Dubbing

Crystal Splash

Dancing Legs

Real Eyes Plus

Ice Dub

Dyed Pearl Diamond Braid

Fly Enhancer Legs

Ice Wing Fiber

High Tack Pearl Embossed Foam

Silicone Legs Solid

Silicone Legs Barred

Super Floss

Angel Hair

Sili Legs Nymph

Leech Yarn

Foam Cylinders

Chironomid Braid

Fish-Skull Sculpin Helmet

Grizzly Flutter Legs


Faux Tails

Silicone Micro Mini Legs

Sculpin Wool

Glassy Eyes

Daddy Long Legs

Otter's Sparkle Soft Egg

Faceted Slotted Tungsten Beads

EP Tarantula Hairy Legs Brush

Micro Polar Chenille

Rainy's Float Foam

Frosted Yarn

Mylar Mirror Flash

Gliss N Glow

Pearlescent Fly Flash

Bug Partz Claws

UV2 Diamond Brite Dub

Sili Legs Perfectly Barred

Palmer Chenille

Big Fly Fiber

Baitfish Emulator Flash

Chew Balls

Otter's Soft Milking Eggs

Stretch Tubing

Pseudo Eyes

Senyodelic Bead Chain

Flash Lace

Holographic Flashabou

EP Minnow Head Brush

Fibbett Tailing Fibers

Pseudo Hackle

Chenille-3 Yds.

Wing N' Flash

EP Short Fiber Streamer Brush

Grizzly Micro Legs

Holographic Cactus Chenille

Senyo's Micro Fusion Foil Legs

Micro Silicone Legs

Sculpting Flash Fibre

Senyo's Fusion Foil Legs

Subtle Satin Flash

Fish Scale Spectra Flash

UV Flash

Wings & Things

Tungsten Dumbell Eyes

MFC Kreelex Fish Flash

Weightless Dumbell Eyes

Grizzly Fibre

Sili Worms

Metallic Chenille 3 Yards

Crystal Chenille 3 Yards

Beartooth Blends UV

Cyclops Bead Eyes

Mini Flat Fly Braid

Chocklett's Gamechanger

Senyo's Mettallic Barred


Slotted Tungsten Beads 20Pk

Double Pupil Brass Eyes

EP Senyo Chromatic Brush

Chubbyness 1MM Foam

Mega Chubbyness 2MM Foam

Secret Stone 2MM Foam

Secret Stone .5MM Wing Foam

Secret Stone 1MM Strike Foam

Slammer Foam

Slammer Pullover Head Foam

Craft Fur Black Barred

Craft Fur Multi-Color

3-D Molded Adhesive Eyes 20Pk

Brass Dumbbell Eyes

Rainbow Scud Dub

Rayon Chenille

Crazy Scale Legz

Adhesive Back Molded Eyes 20Pk

Holographic Magnum Flashabou

Gold Barbell Eyes 12Pack

Plated Brass Beads 25pk

Painted Brass Beads 25pk

Metallic Brass Beads 25pk

Lucent Wrap 2.75" Fine Bar

MFC Kreelex Fish Flash Blend

Micro-Barred Fibbetts

EP Wooly Critter Brush

Fish-Skull Faux Bucktail

Fly Fish Food Stonefly Chenille

Tungsten Slotted Beads Round

Plated Tungsten Beads

Metallic Tungsten Beads

Slotted Faceted Tungsten Beads

Mayfly Spinner Wing Material

Chicone's Micro Crusher Legs

Chicone's Regular Crusher Legs

Large Foam Cylinders

X-Large Foam Cylinder

Chocklett's Finesse Chenille

Grizzly Hair

Variegated CCT Body Fur

Sili Worm 60 Piece Ribbon

Holographic & Tri-Lobal Hackle

Crystal & Tri-Lobal Hackle

Magnum's Dragon Tails

Larva Lace Shimmer

Gudebrod EZ Dub

Gudebrod HT Braid


Dry Fly Winging For Chubbyness

Baitfish Sculpting Fibers

Swimming Sculpting Fibers

Wingabou Flash

UV Spectrum Dub

Mayfly Tails Synthetic

Holographic Midge Flash

Sparkle Minnow Brush Belly

Super Floss Body Wrap

Krinkle Mirror Flash

Thin Skin Gator

Ken-Cube High Float Air Through

Sili Leg Chrome Nymph

Flexi-Cord Light

Sparkle Braid

Flashabou Lateral Scale

Foam Ant Bodies

SLF Prism Dubbing

2mm Fly Foam

1mm Fly Foam

Crab and Crayfish Body Foam

UV Synthetic Blend Dubbing

Mini Dragon Tails

Mini Varigated Dragon Tails

MFC Foto Foam

Stonfo Streamer Soft Heads

Howitzer Baitfish Popper Heads

UVFluorescent Translucent Flash

Crystal Splash (Metallic)

Crystal Splash (Pearl)

Needlefish Tubing

Crystal Flash Chenille

Synthetic Quill Body Wrap

Tapered Synthetic Quill

Magnum's UV2 Micro Dragon Tails


Sparkle Minnow Brush Body

Perfect Popper-Soft Foam W/Hook

Wapsi Barred Round Rubber Legs

Double Barrel Popper Bodies

Web Wing

FNF Chewing Gum

Sybai Ghost Flash Hair

Popovics Fleye Foils

E-Z Body Tubing


Perfect Popper-Saltwater

Lateral Scale Dyed Pearl

Pearl-a-Glow Magnum Flashabou

Crystal Hair Flash

Arctic Breeze Dubbing

Arctic Flash

Big Fly Dubbing

High Sparkle Dubbing

Lake Leech Dubbing

NS Slotted Tungsten Beads

Leg Floss

Tungsten Beads 20 Pack

Speckled Crazy Legs

Dura Skin

Hare's Ear Plus Dub

Ice Fur

Krystal Flash

Nymph Stretch Skin

Wing Material Thick

Wing Material Thin

Barred Crazy Legs

Midge Flash

Quick Descent Dub

Diamond Brite Dub

Hot Beads

Thunderhead 90 Degree

Lightnin' Dub

Fine & Dry Dubbing

Bead Chain Eyes

Tinted Mayfly Tails


No-Fray Winging

Crazy Legs

Hot Tipped Crazy Legs

Krystal Hackle

Ice Chenille


Ultra Chenille

Pseudo Hair

Barred Pseudo Hair

Pseudo Marabou


Aire Flow Stonefly Wings

Aire Flow Mayfly Wings

Bodi Stretch

Sof-Pak Dispenser-Synthetic

Grizzly Legs

Flex Floss

Speckled Chenille


Hot Cones

Tungsten Cones

Dazl Eyes

Brite Beads 25Pack

Brite Beads 20Pack

Cross Eyed Cones

I-Balz 12Pack

Cone Heads

Jelly Rope

Mini Round Rubber



Mylar Cord

Holographic Mylar Cord

Thin Skin

Non-Toxic Eyes

Thin Skin Mottled

Midge Diamond Braid

Extra Select Craft Fur

Skinny Skin

MFC Etha Wing

Swisher's Generation X Dubbing

Swisher's Gator Hair


Otter's Soft Egg Material

Brass Coneheads

Sparkle Eyes

Trina's Bullet Sculpin Head

MFC Foam Tubes

Fish-Skull Heads

Flashabou Dubbing

Flashabou Grizzly Accent

Fly Tails

Sili Legs Speckle Flake

Sili Legs Metallic

Thin Furry Foam

Sili Legs Barred

Sili Legs Chrome

Sili Legs Mottled

Sili Legs Fire Tip

Round Rubber

Thin Fly Foam

UV Chewee Skin

Neer Hair

Craft Fur

Tungsten Coneheads

ConeHeads-24 pk.

Cyclops Eyes

Cyclops Beads Metallic

Lead Eyes Painted

Lead Dumbbell Eyes-Metallic

Hour Glass Brass Eyes

Lead Beads

Stick On Eyes

Para Post Wings

Mayfly Tails

Dubbing Kicker

Highlight Dubbing

Float Foam Strips

UV Polar Chenille

Laminated Foam

Senyo's Laser Dub

Hour Glass Eyes-Flat End

Real Eyes

Senyo's Shaggy Dub

Barbell Lead Eyes-Plated

Doll Eyes

Adhesive Holographic Eyes

Dos Tone Silli-Leggs

Prizma Tag Eyes

Real Hot-Eyes

Deep See Aluminum Eyes

Speckled Centipede Legs

Squirmy Wormies

Mystic Wings

.05mm Fly Foam

Synthetic Dubbin Dispencers

Peacock+ Big Daddy

Ligas Ultra Translucent Dubbing

Caddis/Mayfly Sparkle Yarn

Braided Poly Yarn

High Voltage

Antron Yarn

Swiss Straw

Lite Brite Dubbing

Lip-Stik Mayfly Bodies

Shaggy Braid

Sparkle Yarn

Delektable Perfect Yarn

Bestway Neer Hair

Fly Foam

Flashabou Minnow Body

Re-Flash Tubing


Razor Foam

Ice Stretch Lace

Nymphorm Underbodies

Cyclops Beads Painted

Pearl Chenille

Round Rubber Legs

Barred Round Rubber Legs

Mini Glue Stick

MFC Wing Material Mottled

Furry Foam

Variegated Chenille

Sow-Scud Back

Foam Cylinders-Poppers

Centipede Legs

MFC X-Body

Mini Round Rubber Legs

Extra Large Flash

Holographic Flash

Float Foam Sheets

Holographic Braid

Magic Dub Microchenille

Plush Chenille

Micro Plush Chenille

Braided Body Material

Long Translucent Flash

Angora Leech Yarn

Glimmer Flash Chenille

Holographic Chenille 3 Yards

Tinsel Chenille

Wooly Bugger Chenille

Floating Poly

Jurrasic Eyes

Krystal Glo Balls

S-T-R-E-T-C-H Flex

New Age Chenille

Glass Beads-Matte

Antron Body-Wool

Shaggy Chenille

Custom Dyed Chenille

Marbled Latex

Perfect Rubber Silic. Legs

Arizona Simi Seal

Arizona Synthetic Dubbing

Antron Fibers

Gummi Flash Foil

Gummi Body

Flourescent Bead Chain Eyes

Mono Nymph Eyes

EP Crab and Shrimp Eyes

Midge Body Material

Mini Ultra Lace

Parachute Foam Posts

Tungsten Beads Round 20Pk



"HI-LITE" Glass Beads

Glass Beads

Glass Beads-Solid Colors

Scud Shellback

Buggy Nymph Legs

DNA Holo-Fusion

Hare's Ice Dub

Pearl Core Braid

Velvet Chenille

Brass Beads Round 25Pk

Lucent Beads-Tungsten

Arctic UV Chenille-Spooled

Easy Dub Spooled

Lucent Chenille Spooled

Lucent Wing Material

Swisher's Wiggly Hackle

Speckled Sexi Floss

Lucent Chenille

MFC UV Frog's Hair

Phoenix Dubbing

Widow's Web

Scud Back

Loco Legs

Dazzle Brass Beads

Krystal Flash Chenille

Cactus Chenille

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